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We are super elated to know that you are not just interested in our Web Hosting Services but you also want to know about us.

While we would love to tell you all about the top-notch hardware we use here at Webxen LLC, our biggest asset lies in our team of web hosting experts.  With an average of 7+ years of professional web hosting experience amongst all our staff, our goal is simple – to keep our clients very happy!

In our bid to provide optimal web hosting services to our clients, every member of our support staff goes through a thorough internal training program that equips them with in-depth knowledge on subjects such as CentOS, email clients, the LAMP stack and more.

Because we understand that a happy staff would most likely treat our clients well, our company policy is set up such that our support staff gets monthly incentives based on the quality of support provided to our clients.

Who We Are

At Webxen LLC, our web hosting network harnesses the speed and reliability of the best Operating Systems available today. To allow us to respond promptly to any issues that could cause downtime and also optimize our systems, Webxen monitors all activity on our servers and ensures that the servers are broadband ready and fully redundant 24/7.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Hosting 95%
95% Complete
Awesomeness 100%
100% Complete
Great Ideas 90%
90% Complete
Web Design 85%
85% Complete
Search Engine Optimization 90%
90% Complete

our Team

Meet Our Team

Tom Brandon / Founder & CEO

Web Hosting Experience: 12 Years
Tom is our CEO at Webxen LLC. But the term CEO is just a fancy way of saying he is the main geek at Webxen LLC. Tom gives us the vision to grow our company and provide our customers with the best support.

William Mark / Sales & Billing Officer

Experience: 3 Years
William knows more about money than is healthy for him. You would probably be boring this guy out if you weren’t talking about finances. Will is also actively monitoring the sales and billing support tickets.

Bill Grant / Sales & Billing Officer

Experience: 5 Years
Bill was made for this job – even his first name says, Bill. You don’t want to know how many Bill jokes we have at Webxen. He is a brilliant Billing & Sales officer working with Tom from last 5 years immediately after his graduation.

Matt Chrisler / Technical Support

Experience: 7 Years
Chrisler is a sponge! He knows a little bit of everything. When he is in the mood, Chrisler would give Kevin a run for his money on NBA 2K.

Maria Hendricks / Web Developer

Experience: 7 Years
Don’t let the pretty face get to you. Maria is more attracted to machine codes than she is attracted to humans. Sometimes we think Maria could be an AI. Also, her favorite dance is the “Robot Dance”. Quite uncanny!

Chris Burk / Sales & Billing Officer

Experience: 6 Years
Whatever you want to know about Sales and Billing, Chris has been there, done that! But he is more than just our Sales & Billing Officer; he is also the life of the party. He has the best one-liner jokes.

Jason Clay / Technical Support

Experience: 9 Years
When Jason is not rectifying and upgrading servers, he is suggesting new methods to rectify and upgrade servers and answering tech support tickets.
If you suddenly notice a spike in server speed, that’s Jason at work!

Dianna Keeney / Marketing Manager

Experience: 4 Years
Dianna would sell ice to an Eskimo if she wanted. But she has one simple rule. She would only sell products or services that provide good value for money!
This made it pretty easy to convince her to join us!

Matthew Waller / Sales & Billing Officer

Experience: 4 Years
Matt is the last guy you want to play NFL trivia with. He knows more about the players than perhaps even the players. He does, however, like soda a little too much. But then again, could that be the secret to his brilliance?

Kevin Bartlett / Technical Support

Experience: 12 years
The Matador! When the going gets tough, we trust Kevin who we dubbed “The Matador” to handle it! 12 years a tech guru and we couldn’t ask for better.
Tip: Never play NBA 2K with the Matador. He has been playing since 1999.


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