Avast Slowing Down Computer? - Reason & Solution

Avast Slowing Down Computer [SOLVED]

Avast Slowing Down Computer [SOLVED]

If you are facing issue of Avast slowing down computer, then you are not alone. Many PC users at times have problems when they have got an anti-virus program like Avast installed in the system. When your computer begins to crawl, it is frustrating indeed. The only solution people think is to uninstall the software program to restore the performance of the PC which is not a good idea at all.

Why Avast Slowing Down Computer?

Reasons why Avast is slowing down computer and other factors that slow PC

There can be many reasons why your PC runs slow despite having Avast installed in it. They are as follows;

  • Partitions are Misaligned
  • There are many Start-Up programs
  • Boot Partition is low in Disk Space
  • Avast slowing down computer because computer has too little RAM installed.
  • No Reboot done for a long time.
  • Multiple programs running at one time that hog RAM.
  • The operating system is too old.
  • Hard Disk is logically or physically damaged.

Apart from the PC issues there are other factors why Avast is slowing down computer that many do not know for sure. Like for instance when installing Avast anti-virus program they install additional tool or component like ‘Mail Shield’ which is not really needed.

With Avast, software updates also happen automatically which take time and begin immediately when the computer is turned on. Lastly, when users have opted for remote assistance this also slows down the performance of the PC and should be deselected when not required regularly.

How to boost up PC performance?

When your computer is slow and not responding quickly, it’s time to do many things. Given below are few ways to improve the performance of your computer even when Avast is installed for your computer’s protection.

Disk space should be freed up:

If you come across a message where your disk is shown to be 90 percent full, you should conduct disk cleaning. You can free up the space by removing trash, deleting unnecessary stuff or even moving your files, videos or image files to a cloud storage system.

The Avast Cleanup will scan your system to identify obsolete or unwanted files which should be removed or else you can disable them as well.

Increase Computer Memory:

Older computers lack enough capacity to run the latest software. So, it’s better to upgrade your PC with a new version of operating system for optimal performance. The experts advise to choose at least 4 GB RAM to run most of the programs smoothly.

Clean your browser:

When you install an anti-virus program like Avast for free, it comes with other hidden add-ons that can slow down your computer. In this case, the free toolbars can steal personal information, hijack your browser, infect the PC or even install malicious software that the user is unaware of.

Still, nothing much to worry about. The Avast antivirus software has an Avast Browser Cleanup feature which can identify poor rated add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It will enable you to remove or disable such add-ons in few easy steps.

Disable background running programs:

Programs or applications running in the background tend to slow down the computer. For example, when you listen to music, an audio program happens to run in the background which takes up the resources. Just go to the ‘Task Manager’ to check which programs are running that are not needed and then simply End the process.

Uninstall Old or Outdated Software Programs:

Some of the drivers, operating systems and programs which are out-of-date can be harmful for your computer. They can lead to bugs and incompatibilities that will make your PC more vulnerable. So, you should uninstall such programs or drivers. Simply, use Avast’s ‘Software Updater’ tool that provides periodic updates to third party software to avoid the occurrence of potential threats to the computer. You just have to open the Avast dashboard and head over to ‘Scan’ option. Here, click on Scan or outdated software option and let the tool work for you.

We hope you will find this article to be helpful in order to resolve the issue of avast slowing down computer.

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