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Blogger vs WordPress – Pros and Cons

Blogger vs WordPress – Pros and Cons

Perhaps one of the biggest puzzles that every new website or blog enthusiast has to solve is the “Should I use WordPress or should I use Blogger?” question. The blogger or WordPress crossroads is one that still exists today because, quite frankly, both platforms have a plethora of merits and demerits as well. This is why we have put together this article on Blogger vs WordPress.

At the end of this WordPress vs. Blogger comparison, we hope that our readers would be able to choose either WordPress or Blogger, depending on which one suits their needs.

To help you make a well thought out decision, we would highlight all WordPress pros and cons as well as Blogger pros and cons and with this information in hand, we hope that you can make the best choice between WordPress or Blogger as the platform for your site.

Before we get into it…

It is important to mention that this Blogger or WordPress comparison is between the Blogger platform and the self-hosted platform. is not to be confused with

Let’s get right into it!

Here are 5 WordPress pros and cons, as well as Blogger pros and cons.

Blogger vs WordPress: Ownership

Provided by Google, Blogger is a free and quite reliable blogging service that makes it easy for just about anyone to publish their content on the web. While it is super easy to learn how to use Blogger, the service is not owned by the user. Google provides and runs this platform and this gives them the right to shut the entire platform down or simply restrict your access to the platform whenever they want to.

On the other hand, WordPress users make use of WordPress hosting providers to host their own site. This gives them the freedom to decide how long they want to run their website and when, if they would like to shut it down. All the data and information on this platform belongs to the user.

When it comes to Blogger vs WordPress ownership, your decision depends on how much control you want to have over your content.

Blogger vs WordPress: Tools and Function Control

The issue of being able to develop and control the interface, functions and executable tasks has always surfaced in the Blogspot vs WordPress comparison – especially for business owners.

Blogger users have access to a fine-tuned service but with heavily limited tools and resources. This means the tasks that can be executed on your website are as limited as the tools available to you as a Blogger user. And even worse is the fact that there is no way to extend these resources to meet a need that might arise in future.

WordPress, however, is an open source software. This means that users can, if necessary, simply extend the tools and resources available to them using plugins. With a ton of WordPress plugins available on the internet, allowing users to extend and modify the default features, users are able to add a store to their website, create a portfolio and more.

When comparing Blogspot vs WordPress for business websites, it is obvious that WordPress beats Blogger as the best long-term solution for business owners.

Blogger vs WordPress: Appearance

Blogger default settings offer its users a limited number of templates. As far as modifying these templates to suit your style and needs, you can only modify the layout and colors using Blogger built-in tools, but users are unable to create their own layouts. However, there are a few non-official, albeit low-quality Blogger templates available on the internet sphere.

WordPress has thousands of free premium quality themes which allow its users to create a professional looking website. Changing your WordPress theme for just about any website style is even easier than learning how to use Blogger.

This ability to modify the appearance of a platform is a small part of the difference between a blog and a website.

Blogger vs WordPress: Portability

As a website or a blog grows in reach and visitors, the ability to move your content from one platform to another is yet another defining factor in the difference between a blog and a website.

While moving your site from the Blogger platform to a different platform is quite the uphill task which could see you lose your ranking, followers, and subscribers, WordPress offers an easier solution.

With WordPress, users can move their site wherever they want. Whether they want to change their host, domain name or CMS, WordPress makes it easy. Also comparing WordPress vs Blogger SEO, WordPress offers better SEO advantages than Blogger.

Blogger vs WordPress: Security

Blogger guarantees its users a secure platform, thanks to Google. Users have no need to worry about managing their server’s resources, creating backups or securing their blog.

On the other hand, WordPress is also secure, but seeing as it is self-hosted, you are responsible for backups and security. WordPress has also made this easier by creating a ton of plugins for this purpose.

We hope that this Blogger vs. WordPress comparison has helped you decide which platform is best for your business.

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