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.US vs .COM – Choose Best Domain Extension

A lot of companies and individuals have issues with choosing between .us or .com domain extension when they want to launch a website for their brand. And more often than not this derails the creative process because each has its strength and weakness. Thus in a bid to make the decision-making process easier for you, we have outlined the distinct factors that stand each one […]

.Co vs .Com – Difference Between .Co and .Com?

For anyone looking to acquire some internet real estate, buying a domain is usual top of the list. However, when the decision to buy a domain name has been made, the next big question becomes “What domain extension should I buy?” Also Read: .Org vs .Net Comparison Not only should a website embody a company, business or brand’s goals, and ideology but it should also […]

.Org vs. .Com – Difference Between .Com and .Org

One of the most important questions that anyone looking to start a website must answer is the “What should I call my website?” question. And sometimes, even when a prospective website owner has decided on a good website name that embodies their personal or business goals (the domain name), they may find that the domain name may have already been taken by someone else on […]

.Com vs .Net – Which Domain Extension is best?

The internet has been around for quite some time now, so it is okay for us to assume that most people today have heard of or have even used the .com domain and the .net domain extensions. There are several reasons people buy domains but for most people, it is about establishing a high-value website. Understanding the difference between .com and .net domain extensions would […]

Domain Privacy Protection and its Benefits

When we register a domain for our website, it is automatically included in a database maintained by a service known as WHOIS. The little-known fact is that anyone can search up your personal information just by putting in your registered domain name. Domain privacy protection is a service that hides the personal data of a registrant from the WHOIS database. This WHOIS privacy protection is […]

How long does it take to Transfer a Domain?

It may take up to seven days for a domain transfer to complete. It is not possible to provide an exact number of days or time for a domain transfer because it depends on many factors. This process includes the verification and approvals from the current domain owner and the time depends on the approval by the customer. The more time customer take to respond […]

Redirect all Requests to HTTPS Non-WWW with htaccess

We can redirect all requests to https non-www version of a domain names using a simple code in our htaccess files. For this you need to paste a piece of code in the htaccess file which you can find in the public_html directory of file manager. Using this code all requests for your domain like, and will be automatically transferred to non-www […]

Redirect all Requests to HTTPS://WWW with Htaccess

If you have SSL certificate for your domain name then you can enable https for your domain so that all your visitors can visit your website through secure protocol. Here were have shared a simple htaccess code to redirect all requests to https://www version of your website. Follow these steps to know how to redirect all requests, or to with a […]

How to redirect WWW to Non-WWW with htaccess

If you want that all of your traffic moves to non-www version of your website then you will need to insert a piece of code into your htaccess file in public_html folder. Choosing one from www or non-www version of your website is good for SEO. Redirct WWW to Non-WWW with .htaccess 1. Login to cPanel and go to File Manager. 2. Go to Public_html […]

How to redirect Non-WWW to WWW with htaccess

Having a single version of your website is good for search engine optimization. If you do not choose one from non-www and www version of you website then there are chances that search engines will look both versions as separate websites. It is not good for SEO. If you want to redirect non-www version of your website like to then you will need […]

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