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10 Best HidemyAss Alternatives

Hidemyass and some other web proxy servers help users access blocked websites or Geo-restricted services. It’s VPN network makes it easy to surf the internet privately by replacing your real IP address with a Hidemyass IP address. Hidemyass is the most secured virtual private network. However, there are a few alternatives that can be compared with Hidemyass. In this article we are going to share […]

Discord vs TeamSpeak – Best VoIP for Gamers?

If you are reading this, then naturally you must play a lot of video games; both single player and multiplayer, and you are looking for the best way to connect with your online gaming community. We are here to help you make a decision and help you find a destination in your Discord vs TeamSpeak journey. In the beginning there was TeamSpeak, and then came […]

VPN Gate Review – VPNGate.Net: Free VPN Provider is a free VPN service which was made in March 2013 as a non-commercial project meant for academic purposes. A University in Japan, University of Tsukuba, in their bid to create a study of an adequately distributed VPN system. has VPN relay servers all over the world, and volunteers currently run these servers. This VPN Gate review will cover features and other aspects […]

Comodo vs Avast – Helping You Decide Best AntiVirus

Comparing antiviruses or malware protectors across a plethora of features is a great way to help us and you decide what security software is best for our business or personal needs. This comparison is between Comodo Internet Security Essentials and Avast. We have had a series of comparisons before the comodo vs. Avast comparison, so please be sure to check out our other articles for […]

Ghostery vs uBlock: Which Is The Best Adblocker?

An adblocker or ad blocking software is now an essential tool in enjoying your browsing experience. The aim when using this tool is being able to browse faster and freer without annoying ads and popups. Ghostery and uBlock are two of such tools, and if you’re familiar with, or use both, you may be wondering which is better for you, which blocks more ads or […]

Winscp vs Filezilla – Which is Best FTP Client?

When the trend of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was at its hype, businesses used it extensively to exchange files without pondering over minute details such as security. The scenario has changed now though since a wide abundance of FTP applications are available. WinSCP and FileZilla are two examples of popular FTP client that are used by businesses all around the globe. In this article, […]

SmallSEOTools – Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

SmallSEOtools refers to a free online service that helps you increase the chances of your website being visible on Google. To fully appreciate Small SEO tools, you would have to know what SEO means. It refers to Search Engine Optimization. This is a big deal online because of the factors that determine whether or not the content you place online will be seen and accessed […]

Mumble vs TeamSpeak – Best VoIP for Gamers?

Finding the best VOIP service is quite difficult these days. As the internet is being saturated by many of them. While for gamer perfection and quality matters a lot. Yet for many, it becomes difficult to distinguish between different chat software. So, in this article, we will do a Mumble vs TeamSpeak review, two of the well-known VOIP service providers that are developed to cater […]

Bitdefender vs Avast – Which is Best Antivirus?

Viruses, ransomware and malware are the menace of your PC and even the internet at large. They are latched on to USB drives, WiFi connections, files and apps that we download from the internet. In case you didn’t know how bad this could get, let us explain! In the event that you become a victim of perhaps a ransomware infection, you might find that you […]

Safeassign Checker – Plagiarism Checker for Students

Do you fear for the originality and as a professor trying to make sure that the students working on an assignment or project tried to avoid plagiarism against other documents? We all know how tough it can be trying to maintain absolute originality in your work especially after engaging in research on the internet or any other material that holds the knowledge we are looking […]

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