Discord vs Mumble - Which One is Better?

Discord vs Mumble – Which One is Better?

Discord vs Mumble – Which One is Better?

Tired of conversation problems in a gaming session? Using Skype or any other software or a couple of them? Just to make sure you have a safe and sound communication link between your gaming community. Well not anymore as in this article we would be reviewing two of the best chat software you can use while gaming. Mumble and Discord have been developed to be the part of a gamers kit keeping in view the needs of a gamer. Which makes them two of the embraced chatting software by gamers. So, we would be having a Discord vs Mumble comparison to find the best out of them. With that being said let’s get started.

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What is Discord:

Discord is a complete package with all features that lets you say goodbye to many of the software’s you had to operate simultaneously for chatting while gaming. Easy to install and easy to operate. DDOS protection shelters you from attacks making your gaming environment safe. Apart from features, it has been developed to use your system resources in an optimal way. That reduces the processing burden on your system. Above all its free for use.

  1. Discord Pros:

  • All in one package supporting many features
  • DDOS protection providing a safe environment
  • User-Friendly interface no expertise required
  • Allows browsing
  • No limit for user count
  • Allows audio, textual and video conversations
  1. Discord Cons:

  • Not an open source software code can’t be inspected
  • Several terms in user privacy policy and contradictive as they might be used against user’s privacy
  • It is only hosted by Discord themselves you can’t go to any other host

What is Mumble:

Mumble is recognized as one of the best software’s developed for the chat while gaming. The package comes with some limited features, yet they are the reliable one. Due to use of special codex, Mumble provides their users optimum sound quality. Further developers have done some great effort using techniques to reduce echo effect. Most prominent feature of the software is its ability to work even with low bandwidth.

  1. Mumble Pros

  • Open source and is totally free
  • Available for several platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Allows encryption and authentication making a secure environment
  • User authentication done by codes instead of passwords
  • Provides optimal results with low bandwidth use (needs up to 20 kbps)
  1. Mumble Cons

  • Not a user friendly or attractive interface
  • Naïve user might find it difficult to use
  • Limited features
  • Needs experienced person to make connections

Discord vs Mumble Comparison:


A customer’s budget always influences on choice of a product. As we are having Discord vs Mumble comparison none of them can beat other with a price. As both are free for use. Though for having a separate server for you and your friends you will have to pay.

Verdict: Discord is completely free.

Voice Quality

It’s unfair to say Discord has a bad voice quality though Voice Quality of Mumble is extremely good, and it distinguishes it from other Software.

Verdict: Mumble has a better sound quality.


Both mumble and Discord are good at security though Discord has an upper hand providing free DDOS protection make a safer environment.

Verdict: Discord is more secure.


It has been observed that Mumble is not good with connections between sessions which might lead to disconnection issues. While Discord again has an upper hand over Mumble here as it provides an uninterruptable session.


It is a useful feature as it only allows you to send a message when you want not all your sounds are sent. Mumble has got this feature while Discord is yet missing this one.

Verdict: Mumble allows you to convey only required messages.


User Friendly

Considering a user-friendly platform Discord outranks Mumble with its great interface. There is no expertise required to operate Discord though for Mumble it’s totally opposite. A naïve user will surely have a lot of difficulties using Mumble.

Verdict: Discord has a better interface and is more user-friendly.


If we compare features Mumble is far behind Discord. As Discord comes up with a kit of features that surely can beat Mumble and many others. For a detailed analysis of Discord vs Mumble, we have mentioned there features in the table below.

Features Mumble Discord
Audio High Quality Average
Bandwidth Required Low
Secure Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes
Hosting Hosted by Discord
Video Conferencing Yes
VOIP Yes Yes
DDOS Protection Yes
Browser Yes
Media Images/Videos
Cloud Synchronization Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes
Multiple Channels Yes


Discord vs Mumble – in a nutshell:

Based on the comparisons done above one can clearly state that Discord outranks Mumble. Yet both have their own importance though if you are looking for all in one kit. Then Discord would be a better choice.

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