Duplichecker - Free Plagiarism Checker Online

DupliChecker – Free Plagiarism Checker Online

DupliChecker – Free Plagiarism Checker Online

Duplichecker, an online and free plagiarism checker used to ascertain the originality of a written text and hence maintain credibility by checking the content of the report or written work against existing content. Duplichecker, also helps pick up references that are in the particular text or report to be checked for proper citation and references which helps to avoid the embarrassing consequences of plagiarism.

Using genuine data sources, Duplichecker is designed to tenaciously objectify each sentence in a report to check for plagiarism in record time. This free plagiarism checker helps compare your report or text against any other source content across the web.

The great part about Duplichecker is that it reports the areas in a write up or text that exhibit plagiarism and can help remove even the smallest traces of plagiarism. This incredible app is also free to use although documents that contain more than 1500 words require the user to register on the platform. With this free membership, you can scan 50 documents within 24 hours.

Furthermore, Duplichecker helps to notify if other people use your written work or write up without your permission.

Duplichecker kicked off operation in 2006 with the following services

  • Web content provision
  • Proofreading
  • Edit online content
  • Free online plagiarism checking software
  • They also provide a diverse range of search engine optimisation (SEO) services to their numerous clients.

Since their inception, they have produced over a million pages of web content for their numerous clients and the brand is estimated to have revenue of $563.8k with only 9 employees.

How to Use Duplichecker – A Free Plagiarism Checker

Log on to www.duplichecker.com

On the home page, paste the text to be checked in the text box and click “Check plagiarism”.


On the home page, below the text box, click on “Choose file” to upload the report to be checked from your device unto the site. This gives your result immediately and fast.

Pros and Cons of Duplichecker:


  • Its use is free of charge – All that is needed is the text to be checked and internet connection.
  • Ease of usage – Duplichecker has a basic layout that can easily be navigated.
  • There are 2 methods of entering texts: Either by copying and pasting or by uploading the document from a device.
  • Registered users can conduct 50 plagiarism checks daily.
  • Duplichecker is very accurate and sensitive to even the minutest detail.


  • Unregistered users are limited to just 1 plagiarism check daily which is the only clog in the wheel.

Duplichecker’s Competitors:

A number of free plagiarism checkers exist online which are in competition with Duplichecker. Notable among them are:

  • Copyleaks – This platform allows for tracking of online content used for both educational and business purposes. It also allows for the uploading of documents in a variety of formats. However, this platform requires registration and only the first 10 checks are for free.
  • PaperRater – This platform allows for both plagiarism checks and grammar checks in record time but lacks the ability to save the result of each report.
  • Plagiarisma – This easy to use plagiarism check is available in over 190 languages, in which papers to be checked can be copied and pasted, typed directly, using a URL or uploaded from a device using a number of formats available. However, the free version has limited plagiarism checks.
  • Plagiarism Checker – This easy to use platform provides a step by step approach on its usage, it also allows you check if your content has been plagiarised by another party. On the other hand, this platform is supported by google or yahoo browsers only.
  • Plagium– This free and basic platform allows for quick search and in depth search, however, it requires registration and has only a few free features.
  • PlagScan – This platform allows for plagiarism checks against journals and online content as well as the user’s documents. It allows for copying and pasting of texts, importing of documents using a URL or uploading from cloud storage. Although it possesses a not so user friendly interface, it can be integrated in different businesses for content management.
  • PlagTracker – This fast and free plagiarism checker searches both online and academic databases; hence it is preferred for academic purposes. It gives the user detailed reports on what part of the report needs to be cited and a list of sources or references needed so as to ultimately avoid plagiarism. However, in the free version, there is no avenue for upload of document.

Other plagiarism checkers in competition with Duplichecker are:  Quetext, Viper, ArticleChecker, SmallSEOTools, Dustball, Copyscape etc and over the years, clients have dabbled into one of them at one time or the other.

Duplichecker has made it easier for writers and clients to dictate plagiarism and this credibility check makes it a lot easier to verify your articles and documents in a very short time without breaking the bank.

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