Grammarly Alternatives - 10 Best Alternatives to Grammarly

10 Best Grammarly Alternatives

10 Best Grammarly Alternatives

If you decided to skip English class in high school and now you want to run a successful blog, that decision may come back to haunt you.

Well, not like the ghosts in horror movies but pretty close. Grammatical errors on your blog or website not only affect your personality; they affect your viewers’ readability, popularity and even worse, your ranking!

You can start crying now

Okay, stop.

We are pretty friendly as you have seen on our previous blog posts, and if you haven’t, you should check out our posts, where we compare malware protectors, site builders, domain name extensions and more. We guarantee you’d love them.

Now, where were we?

Aha! Grammatical errors!

While minor mistakes may be ignored by your readers, ensuring that your blog posts are error-free and easily readable is super important.

For the non-native English speaking blog owner looking to sell to English readers, identifying and correcting your grammatical errors could be an overwhelming task, except you hire a writer or an editor.

While most people use MS office to write and check grammatical errors, the grammar checker is nothing compared to the likes of Grammarly.

So what is this Grammarly?

Grammarly is an advanced software with a plethora of features designed to enhance your writing prowess. While Grammarly has a free option, its plans are often considered pricey, thus leading people to seek an alternative – which is why we put this article together in the first place, there are so many reasons why Grammarly is the best. Here are a few.

While there are so many services that seemingly offer equal options to what Grammarly offers. Grammarly’s advanced algorithm sets it miles away from the rest. You can actually enjoy a 7-day free trial and then decide if you want to continue to the paid service from there on out.

  • Grammarly would eliminate spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Grammarly would suggest words relating to commonly used words/phrases, or even help to enhance your use of words
  • With Grammarly, you can check for plagiarism which helps you avoid duplicate content
  • Grammarly also helps to enhance your sentence structure by providing examples

While we can’t say why you want an alternative to the Grammarly platform, we have put this article together to answer the queries of those who are still looking for “Best Grammarly alternatives.”

Grammarly Alternatives

Here is what we consider our 10 Best Grammarly Alternatives

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an amazing alternative to Grammarly – especially if your reason for seeking an alternative is pricing. It comes in free and premium versions with a plethora of features that make it easy to be incorporated into your browser. ProWritingAid would help you analyze your writing errors when you type in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter, etc.


  • Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid offers lots of writing style corrections like business, general, academic and blog posts.
  • You can switch between American English and British English using ProWritingAid.
  • You could either install the app or sign up online.
  • ProWritingAid is a close alternative to Grammarly because it is able to perform 25 kinds of test on your text ranging from grammar, sentence structure, pronouns, sentence length, vague words, transition and more.


  • The only downside to ProWritingAid is that even though they provide a plagiarism checker, it would cost you extra but other than that, the ProWritingAid is a tool absolutely worth your money.

Pricing Plan

The ProWritingAid is super easy to use and accessible at an affordable pricing plan. The yearly subscription costs $40, while lifetime subscription costs just $140. You get a 14 days money back guarantee if you don’t like the plans.

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2. Ginger

Ginger is a really brilliant alternative that students, bloggers, and teachers have come to love due to its efficiency. Available on all OS, Ginger can be downloaded as an app or used online on their website.


  • Ginger detects and highlights your writing errors and provides suggestions for correcting those errors.
  • In similar fashion to the Grammarly, Ginger offers users the ability to alternate between British or American English.
  • Ginger also comes with a translator which would translate your text into 40 different languages including French, Urdu, Chinese, Hindi, Russian and Arabic.
  • The text reader is yet another awesome Ginger feature that helps writers learn word pronunciation. This feature is only available in the premium version.
  • Speaking of versions, Ginger offers two versions – free and premium. While the free version is great at recognizing and correcting grammatical errors, the premium version provides errors analysis report, unlimited grammar checker, and text reader.


  • The one downside to the Ginger is the annoying feature when you use the definitions or synonyms feature by right-clicking on a word, this opens an entirely new tab instead of staying on the same tab – not cool Ginger…not cool.

Pricing Plan

For pricing, Ginger comes in at $8.74/month which is quite cheaper than Grammarly which charges $11.66/month.

3. WhiteSmoke

White smoke is another effective English writing and proofreading tool which indicates grammar, punctuation and spelling errors and also suggests corrections.


  • Available on all devices and Operating Systems, the software has over 100 writing templates such as Condolences, Reports, Resumes, Thank you and cover letters, etc.
  • WhiteSmoke comes with a translator which supports almost 55 languages thus making it a very effective option for translating a text.
  • This tool would check 16 areas of possible text errors in your sentence such as Fragments, Incorrect Punctuation, Tenses and Dangling Modifiers, etc.
  • One super cool aspect of WhiteSmoke is that they provide an array of video learning tutorials that teach Prepositions, Noun, Auxiliary Verbs, Pronouns and more.


  • Not very many downsides to the WhiteSmoke except that it does not check for plagiarism

Pricing Plan

The WhiteSmoke Web plan is priced at $9.95 per month, while the lifetime plan is just $159.95.

4. JetPack

The Jetpack WordPress plugin is another cool option if you are a website owner using WordPress. In fact, chances are that you are already using this tool.


  • This awesome app can offer numerous benefits like tracking your site’s traffic, improve your security, offer free themes and more.
  • But the real catch is that as a blogger, you are better off with a plugin in your WordPress that proofreads right in your post editor without having to visit an English checker tool. Simply write or paste your content, then hit the JetPack icon and scanning begins. Red, Blue and Green lines would appear to indicate misspelled words, hint for writing styles and grammar mistakes respectively.
  • The JetPack can also proofread posts written in Spanish, German, Portuguese and French.


  • A major downside is its lack of several features such as not letting users choose you between British, American and Canadian English styles. This makes it a less effective but great free alternative to Grammarly.

Pricing: FREE

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5. PaperRater

While PaperRater has no desktop or extension version, this tool which can be accessed via their website is great at proofreading and underlining misspelled words.


  • PaperRater also has a plagiarism checker similar to Grammarly in addition to its proofreading capabilities.


  • However, the free version of this plagiarism checker would only tell the plagiarism percentage without indicating the plagiarized content or lines which in simple term is so not The paid version, however, shows this. Paperrater is sort of like Grammarly, but the free version is really limited. You can’t import any files, you can’t proofread more than five pages. And then, the proofreader can be a little complex.


Pricing plans are $14.95 monthly and $95.40 yearly.

6. Slick Write

Slick Write is a FREE tool that offers a variety of features thus making it a good Grammarly Alternative.


  • The Slick Write would point out redundant sentences, transition words, passive voice, common starting words, adverbs and more.
  • Slick Write has a sentence structure function which is awesome for readability which is, in turn, awesome for SEO purposes.
  • It would detect lengthy and complex sentences and this could help a writer’s article flow when rectified.


  • While the Slick Writer is a remarkable program, it doesn’t have the same convenience and features that Grammarly does. It’s best to use Slick Write for just detecting errors.

Pricing: FREE

7. 1Checker

This tool made it to our list because of the flexibility it offers. It has an online version and desktop version which can be integrated with Word and Outlook. The 1Checker tool provides tons of templates related to communications and business.

Much like Grammarly, 1Checker is free for use and it can detect the basic grammar errors, help to eliminate wordiness, structural and spelling errors. For what it’s worth (100% FREE), it’s a pretty cool tool.

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8. OnlineCorrection

OnlineCorrection – This superb app comes in on number 8 because it’s FREE and is great at saving you from grammatical and spelling errors. By carefully analyzing your contents and listing errors, Online Correction is just really cool as a grammar checker. But it offers more as well.

This software can proofread texts written in German, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. Not to mention you don’t have to sign up just to use their tool as is the case with most other options. This tool is arguably the best option if you are searching for a FREE grammar only checker alternative to Grammarly.

9. Hemmingway

Hemmingway is more of a readability tool than a grammar checker. It has the option of a desktop app and an online version but the desktop app comes at $19.99. Simply paste your text and it pops up the readability grade.


  • This tool would also highlight sentences that are “hard to read”, providing suggestions to simplify those sentences as well as rectify passive words.
  • The Hemmingway editor allows users to insert hyperlinks in their text while editing which is one feature that the Grammarly editor doesn’t have.


  • However, it still pales greatly in quality grammar checking features compared to Grammarly. As earlier stated, it is better as a readability checker.


The desktop app is $19.99 as at the time of this writing.

10. Reverso

Reverso is a FREE web-based proofreading service that can help users find basic grammar errors.


  • While the tool supports multiple languages, thus making it easy to translate text in a variety of languages, such as German, Arabic, French, and Russian, the tool only has an extension for Chrome and is not available on all other platforms.
  • This tool can help website owners who want to improve their grammar skills, via their well-organized knowledge base which has information about verbs, tenses, adverbs, prepositions and more. They also teach French grammar rules.


  • However, Reverso has a serious downside as it can check a maximum of 600 characters.

Conclusion – Grammarly alternatives

For website owners, we would suggest  Ginger, Whitesmoke, and Prowritingaid as the best Grammarly alternatives.

While Grammarly is certain the best there is in the market as of the time of this writing, feel free to try out the Ginger tool. Its extensions are readily available on all platforms and OS such as Chrome, Mac, Android, Windows and more. So we would say Ginger is the best among cheap Grammarly Alternatives.

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