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Horde vs Roundcube vs Squirrelmail

Horde vs Roundcube vs Squirrelmail

Websites have been playing a major role for almost every field now to expand their business or their domain. These websites can be dynamic or static but they need to be hosted somewhere on the internet and the hosting is being provided by a lot of companies now. Most of them are more or less the same and most of them provide an e-mail feature with their server plans. After you buy a shared hosting you are offered a control panel where you are asked to choose a default webmail software. The hosting companies provide with 3 options now-a-days; namely; SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Horde. For your easiness we are doing comparison of Horde vs Roundcube vs Squirrelmail so that you can easily decide which one to choose.

There is a tussle going in between the three. The newbies at web hosting get muddled up when they are asked to choose “the one” among these three. Let us learn about them in details and see the results of Horde vs Roundcube vs SquirrelMail to get to a conclusion as to which of them is the best by comparing their features.

What is a Web-Mail?

When an email client is implemented with the likes of a web application hosted on a web server, it is termed as Web-Mail. Not straight enough? Well simply it is a tool to send and read emails from any computer as long as it is connected to the internet. One can send and read the emails on the go and from public computer systems as well, such as in office or in cyber café.

Horde vs Roundcube vs SquirrelMail – Which one is the best?

The notion of best has always been relative, what is best for group can be lethal for another. Same goes in the case of selecting the default web mail for your website, so let’s see what all features they offer and how they function, this can help to find the best one for you:


It has all the rudimentary utilities that one would require from an email client. It has spell check, calendar, MIME support, address books and folder manipulation. The mail interface is very fundamental and emails as listed down in a stack. It will be best for those who want only email read and reply utilities. You don’t have to be an expert to use it.


It is a step ahead from SquirrelMail when it comes to the email interface. It has fairly user-friendly functions and provides an instinctive interface to the emails. It has included features like markings, calendar, folders, full featured address book with group and LDAP connections, find-as-you-type address book integration and finally, the MIME support. It has also integrated a feature of drag and drop inbox with multi-pane view and HTML email compositions. So if you need more technicalities then you can go for Roundcube.


It can be considered as the most featured email client when compared to the other two. Its functionalities can be fairly compared with that of the outlook. It shows up with features like calendar, notebook, address book, task list and many more. It has a well implicated email management system and support for advanced filters, attachments, spell check and intricate HTML email composition with WYSIWYG editors. They have also included advanced task management utility where the tasks can be listed and raiders can be set to keep a track of the tasks’ progress.

There is no end to this Horde vs Roundcube vs SquirrelMail conflict but it has been seen that most of the people opt for Roundcube maybe because it has neither less features nor it is overloaded with features. It is a perfect blend of appearance and functionalities. It is well-suited for beginner as well as advanced individuals.

But now the choice solely depends on how do you want your web mail client to be. If you want the web mail to be simple, go for SquirrelMail. If you are looking for good looks plus simplicity and easy to use functions, go for Roundcube. But if you are looking for an email with full suite of features that include mobile email access and advanced productivity tools you must stick to Horde. Horde vs Roundcube vs SquirrelMail is not a fight for identity but is a contest for needs, the needs of a user.

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