How to Change Author of a WordPress Post

In this article we will explain to you how to change author in WordPress posts. The original author who wrote the post can be changed as per your desire. This can be achieved through your WordPress Dashboard, under the section of Posts. Before this, you should make sure that you have another author /  user registered on your WordPress blog. Because if you want to change the author name, then there should be another author.

Change WordPress Post Author – Quick Option

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Click “Quick Edit” on the post for which you want to change the author name.
  2. Quick Editing options will appear for that post. You will be able to see the Author drop down menu. Select your desired author from the drop down menu and update the post.

How to Change Author in WordPress – Post Edit Option

If you are not able to see the Author drop down menu in the Quick Edit, then follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Click “Edit” on the post. It will take you to the post editing page.
  2. Click on the “Screen Options” on the top right side of the page, which will show you some options. Make sure that check box for “Author” is checked and click Apply button.
  3. Now scroll down and you will see an Author Box which have a drop down menu with all author names you have on your WordPress blog. Select new author for post and update the post. Great. You have successfully changed the author name in WordPress post.

Now you have changed the author name for your WordPress post. Some times you might need to change Author for multiple posts on your WordPress. This can also be done with few simple steps.

Change Author for Multiple Posts in WordPress

For changing author name for multiple posts in WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Posts > Select the posts for which you want to change Author.
  2. Click on the Bulk Actions drop down menu > Select Edit and press Apply button.
  3. It will display quick edit area for these bulk selected posts. You will be able to see Author section where a drop down will be available with Author names.
  4. Select the desired Author name and click on Update button and all selected posts will be updated with new select author name.

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