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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Those who are new in the affiliate marketing business, try this for some time and ask “is affiliate marketing dead?” In this article we will explain whether affiliate marketing is dead or is it still working. Most businesses or individuals considering digital marketing as a way to expand their reach, often place their focus on just PPC, SEM, SEO, LPO, paid ads on social media, while ignoring the potential benefits that Affiliate Marketing has to offer.

Which begs the question “is affiliate marketing dead?”

Perhaps, you are considering giving up because regardless of what you do, it does not work for you.

The truth is Affiliate marketing is absolutely not dead!

In fact, the larger the number of internet users, the more the opportunities that are available to affiliate marketers. It is quite understandable that if you have tried something for some months without making much or even any profit, you could label it as a “dead end”. However, many people who have tried affiliate marketing and failed, have done so because they were not doing it right!

At the end of this article, our readers would learn what the top 4 reasons are for marketers failing in affiliate marketing as well as tips on how to succeed.

Limited Content kills your chances

Most people get into affiliate marketing with the assumption that it is a get rich quick scheme when in actuality affiliate marketing is hard work and commitment.

Some affiliate marketers do not create enough content to build trust among their buyers. This kind of marketers simply learns the “How to become an Affiliate Marketer” then they sign up on Clickbank, post their links on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blog post comments, forums and more.

When it does not work for them in this way, they simple ask “Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? What they forget, however, is that the internet users of today have advanced beyond the point where they are captivated by a spam link and a good landing page.

As an affiliate marketer looking to make sales, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Ask yourself “Would I buy what I am selling to people?”

If you want to make any affiliate marketing profit in this day and time, you need more than just a simple blog post comment like “See how this lady lost 15 pounds in 10 days”.

The average interested buyer of today would certainly go looking for reviews and what people are saying about the product you are trying to sell.

So instead of using the old method of posting links in pages and redirecting them to your product, build your own audience, get them to trust you and then sell to them.

If your posts are providing helpful information to your subscribers, then they would most likely buy a product you recommend.  It is important, however, that you recommend legit products or you could lose that trust with your audience.

The key thing to do is – build trust with good content!

Expectations are not always reality

Most affiliate marketers who give up, do so because when they decided to get into affiliate marketing, it was because they saw a bogus “Watch this 17-year-old makes $7000 every week” and as a result, they wanted to generate just as much revenue.

Then when the reality sets in, they say “Affiliate Marketing is dead!”

If everyone could make that much money in a week or a month, don’t you think we would all be affiliate marketers?

As earlier stated, affiliate marketing is a business and like any other business out there, affiliate marketing needs patience, passion and commitment to be successful.

Build a profitable website, build a good following on social media, manage a good email list and just consistently provide good content.

The sales would come in!

The Mind Game – Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Being successful at affiliate marketing requires the right mindset. All too often, you find affiliate marketing failures do not have the right attitude to business.

They become affiliate marketers with the “It should work” mindset instead of the “I have to make it work mindset”.

Affiliate marketing requires that you don’t just sit back and wait for results. You learn, unlearn, relearn, and keep trying your hands at options till you get it right!

And to do this, you need the “CAN DO” mindset!


Yes…this is actually a reason most marketers do not make it in the affiliate marketing world. It may not necessarily be an outright scam, it could just be bad affiliate marketing training received online that arms the would-be affiliate marketer with outdated techniques. This tosses them into an affiliate marketing world that has advanced beyond what the teacher has taught them.

Very often you find fake teachings from people looking to take advantage of the newbies. It is best to research properly and choose your training and trainer carefully.

If you have ever tried and got scammed, don’t give up!

You will find that that scam has taught you something and you would never fall for it again.

So is affiliate marketing dead? Not at all.

But your approach to affiliate marketing might just be dead!

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