Domain Privacy Protection and its Benefits

When we register a domain for our website, it is automatically included in a database maintained by a service known as WHOIS. The little-known fact is that anyone can search up your personal information just by putting in your registered domain name. Domain privacy protection is a service that hides the personal data of a registrant from the WHOIS database. This WHOIS privacy protection is […]

Skype vs Discord – Which One is Better?

The digital landscape has made it possible for us to connect with people who are thousands of miles away in a matter of just seconds. The world has become border less today because of telecommunication applications that enable us to make voice and video calls online. In this article, we will look at a comparison of two highly popular telecommunication applications, Skype vs Discord. Let’s […]

VirtualBox vs VMware – Comparison

There’s an inevitable VirtualBox vs VMware comparison for any business looking to succeed in this day and time because, thanks to technological advancement, virtualization is the way to go. With many businesses today, having to collaborate over a workforce dispersed in several locations, desktop virtualization using the best virtualization software is one way that these businesses are able to provide a hassle-free, secure and cost-effective […]

How to tell when a website was last updated?

If you are here, you must be searching for “how to tell when a website was last updated?” Sometimes you might want to know the last updated date of a website for any reason. Most probably you want to know whether the content published on this website is still valid or not. If the website owner did not mentioned the last modified date or published […]

MailChimp Alternatives

An email marketing campaign is capable of significantly increasing your sales, assisting you in collecting feedback, and improving the image of your brand – all of this if your campaign is properly targeted and is designed well. However, before you start enjoying these and the many other advantages of email marketing, it’s extremely important to determine the email platform that suits your business the best. […]

Cannot Verify Server Identity IPhone Email Error

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are an Apple iOS device user and the mail client on your device (like iPhone) keeps reporting a iPhone cannot verify server identity error. We have put this step by step article together to help you solve that issue in the simplest and fastest way possible. Simply follow the steps outlined and the error should […]

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Those who are new in the affiliate marketing business, try this for some time and ask “is affiliate marketing dead?” In this article we will explain whether affiliate marketing is dead or is it still working. Most businesses or individuals considering digital marketing as a way to expand their reach, often place their focus on just PPC, SEM, SEO, LPO, paid ads on social media, […]

Blogger vs WordPress – Pros and Cons

Perhaps one of the biggest puzzles that every new website or blog enthusiast has to solve is the “Should I use WordPress or should I use Blogger?” question. The blogger or WordPress crossroads is one that still exists today because, quite frankly, both platforms have a plethora of merits and demerits as well. This is why we have put together this article on Blogger vs […]

www vs non-www – Which is better for SEO?

The importance of having a great URL structure for SEO purposes cannot be underestimated, seeing as URLs are the building blocks of any website and can determine how much traffic your website gets or doesn’t get. This is why we have put together this article on www vs non www URLs. At the end of this article, our readers would be able to understand which […]

How to Change Author of a WordPress Post

In this article we will explain to you how to change author in WordPress posts. The original author who wrote the post can be changed as per your desire. This can be achieved through your WordPress Dashboard, under the section of Posts. Before this, you should make sure that you have another author /  user registered on your WordPress blog. Because if you want to […]

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