WordPress Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted

Among much known WordPress errors which users face, WordPress Memory Exhausted Error is one of the most common errors. If you are seeing this error on your WordPress website, then this is because the PHP memory limit set in your WordPress is not enough for your website to perform the tasks which you are performing. This “WordPress fatal error: allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes […]

What Version of WordPress Do I Have?

If you are asking yourself What Version of WordPress Do I Have? Then this article will show you how to check your WordPress version in very easy ways. Check WordPress Version Using Admin Dashboard First and easiest way of checking your WordPress version is to login to your WordPress admin panel and scroll down. On the left side of the bottom you will be able […]

How long does it take to Transfer a Domain?

It may take up to seven days for a domain transfer to complete. It is not possible to provide an exact number of days or time for a domain transfer because it depends on many factors. This process includes the verification and approvals from the current domain owner and the time depends on the approval by the customer. The more time customer take to respond […]

Horde vs Roundcube vs Squirrelmail

Websites have been playing a major role for almost every field now to expand their business or their domain. These websites can be dynamic or static but they need to be hosted somewhere on the internet and the hosting is being provided by a lot of companies now. Most of them are more or less the same and most of them provide an e-mail feature […]

503 valid RCPT Command Must Precede DATA

“Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC65) : ‘Your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: 503 Valid RCPT command must precede DATA’” If you are getting “503 valid RCPT Command Must Precede DATA” error while sending email, we have some solutions for you and hope that […]

How to Login to WordPress?

After you have installed WordPress on your website, you will need to login to WordPress Admin Dashboard. After WordPress login, this dashboard is where you will edit and manage your website. You can create new posts, pages and change all settings and appearance of your WordPress website. You can access your WordPress Admin Panel at this URL: Change with your actual domain name.

Divi builder timeout warning [Solved]

This warning message is given by the Divi WordPress theme. Having this theme, when you try to edit one of your posts or pages using the Divi Builder, you might face a popup showing “Divi Builder Timeout” and because of this warning you will be unable to edit your WordPress page or post. This can be very frustrating actually. Cause of this divi builder timeout […]

How to Create Addon Domain in cPanel?

At we allow our customers to use more than one domains with their webhosting accounts. It means you can buy one webhosting account and can host multiple domains/websites with this account. Addon Domain is the secondary domain which is hosted on a cPanel. Addon domains allows you to host multiple domains/websites with their on seperate content, all under the single cPanel account. How to […]

How to Backup your Website with cPanel?

Having backup is always recommended in case you accidentally delete all your files or something else happens to your website. In this article you will learn how to backup your website with cPanel backup option. Why should I keep Backup of my website? Your database and website files in File Manager are what makes your website. If any of these files lost, your website will […]

URL Structure – Hyphen or Underscore for SEO?

For ranking better in search engines, we have to optimize our websites according to the guidelines provided by search engines. You might have seen some websites using hyphens as word separators like (medium-black-shoes) and some times you might have come access with URL structures which are using underscores like (medium_black_shoes). You may ask which one to use for better SEO? What is the difference and […]

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