Plagiarisma - Free Plagiarisma Checker Online

Plagiarisma – Free Plagiarism Checker Online

Plagiarisma – Free Plagiarism Checker Online

There are a vast amount of online text tools that can be used for improvement of web content. Most of these software can perform a number of tasks including grammar correction, content duplication, use of keywords among other functions.

The most commonly or widely used of the above mentioned software are the plagiarism checkers. They are the most used due to the crucial role they play in the area of SEOs (Search Engine Optimization). Of these Plagiarism software, Plagiarisma is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality and availability. Below is a brief review of its capabilities, origin, cost and mode of use.

How to use

Like other similar software, plagiarisma is a free plagiarism checker tool online which caters to the needs of students, teachers and article writers. You can choose to copy/paste a page of text directly into the plagiarisma text-box or upload a document. Plagiarisma works with various file formats including .Doc, PDF, HTML and so on. It can also be used to check in over 190 languages and it is easily downloadable on windows.

After inputting the text in the plagiarisma check-box, click the “Check duplicate content” button and plagiarisma will quickly generate a report. In this report, a user will be provided with specific data such as uniqueness percentage, unique word count and also a URL tracer for detected plagiarized content. It is very important to note that users of this software will not be able to access the full features till they have a fully registered account on the plagiarisma website ( It is one of the easiest Plagiarism checkers around.

Benefits of Plagiarisma?

As previously mentioned, online Plagiarism checkers are very crucial tools used in the business world. Their main aim is to preserve original content which is crucial for search engine optimization. There used to be a time when Plagiarism was rife on the internet. Google started punishing websites guilty of the act. This is where plagiarism checkers come in because some websites produce duplicate content articles. Users should constantly use plagiarisma to avoid unwanted issues. In the area of Education, teachers use it to crosscheck students’ work and to ascertain originality.  Also firms that produce web content can use plagiarisma to ensure efficient and quality write-ups from staff. This is a very useful tool to check whether the content is completely original or it has some duplicate content on the web.

Pros of Plagiarisma

  • Easy to use
  • No cost incurred (free to use)
  • Quick and efficient

Cons of Plagiarisma

  • Limited usage for unregistered users
  • Maximum word count is 2,000 per query

Pricing of Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is absolutely free plagiarism tool for registered users unlike other plagiarism detectors.

Such as Copyscape which charges 5 cents per query, grammarly charges subscription fees of up to $29 a month.

Some Notable Users of Plagiarisma

Some notable customers that use Plagiarisma are universities such as Harvard, Hampton, Virginia Commonwealth, North Texas, Indiana State, Kent State, Nevada, Temple, Michigan and Utah University and there are many others. Also Colleges such as Columbia, Westminster College, South Seattle Community among many others make use of this particular plagiarism checker. All schools are located in the United States.

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