Plagramme Review - Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagramme Review – Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagramme Review – Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagramme is a global plagiarism checker service provider that serves over 90 countries; they provide text related services specifically checking plagiarism. It is a multilingual company with clients in USA, UK, France, Germany, Lithuania and other countries.

Plagramme was created in 2011, located in the Central European City of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is owned by LLC ACVK.  The company continues to partner with university clients in order for their plagiarism tools and services to keep evolving and improving.

Plagramme runs in freemium model which means it is free to upload documents and receive results after.

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Features of Plagramme


This feature is unique to plagramme and it was created to combat the practice of people translating content into another language, this way other existing plagiarism checkers will find a difficulty in detecting it. Plagramme has the ability to check the content of a document in several regional languages.

Easy To Use

Plagramme is not only a free online plagiarism checker, it has also been made convenient and easy for use by everyone including those that are not “tech savvy”, the user interface is uncomplicated which is the reason why it is mostly used by students.

Detecting Unusual Methods of Plagiarism

There are several ways a writer or content provider can present plagiarized work to a client and it would go unnoticed, one of such ways is by introducing extra letters or alphabets in a work and camouflaging them by colouring them white. In a white background it would go unnoticed to the bare eyes, simple and weak plagiarism checkers would pass it off as original.

Plagramme has adopted certain unique algorithms that enables it detent this “white colour” and would flag any work with this as unoriginal.

An Advanced Scoring Method

Plagramme has created a unique manner in which it presents its plagiarism score for a document. Unlike other plagiarism checkers that would only present a general percentage score for a document, this tool presents its user with the number of similarities with your work, it can point out if a work is at a risk of being plagiarized or has too much paraphrasing.

Other Features

Plagramme offers certain unique features like;

1. Identifying Paraphrase

This tool has the ability to spot any work that has been altered to look original like changing paragraph subjects or rephrasing subheadings.

2. Cloud Storage

This tool offers you your own private cloud where you can store documents to be checked for plagiarism and original content.

3. Exposes Links To Original Source Of Contents

Plagramme does not only flag documents for plagiarism effectively but also exposes the links to the original source from which the plagiarized content was created. This way you have proof to show a work is plagiarized.

4. Unique Highlighting

Plagramme has a unique feature where your documents uploaded are checked and colour coded, the colours used are green for good quotes, orange which indicates paraphrasing and purple for bad quotes.

How To Use Plagramme

As stated before in the feature of plagramme, it is easy and simple to use. All you need to do is;

  • Open the official website of plagramme.
  • Sign up.
  • There will be an option to log in through any of your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. It is also possible to make us of your email ID.
  • After you login, you simply upload your documents and check for plagiarism.
  • A colour coded reply would be provided as well as a percentage of similarities, paraphrases and citations.

Pros And Cons Of Using Plagramme

Some of the pros and cons of using this plagiarism checker are as follows;


  1. It is easy to use
  2. It is multilingual hence it can be used anywhere in the world.
  3. It is accurate, it’s detection of plagiarism is better than any competitor.
  4. It implements a strict policy regarding copyright.
  5. It reviews over 14 trillion web pages, articles, books and periodicals for plagiarism.
  6. It is able to scan 1000 pages of documents at a time.


The only disadvantage to this plagiarism checker is that it is slower than some of his competitors.

Plagramme Reviews

Some of the recorded plagramme reviews online ranges from the plagiarism checker being effective, good for checking thesis, helps students in editing, easy to use and accurate.


The pricing offered on plagramme is quite reasonable and based on credit; a single credit is priced at $0.35 which is enough for checking a page of 250 words.  There is also a “free plagiarism check” which requires users to share the plagiarism checker on their social media accounts;


Credits gotten from Facebook depend on the amount of friends you have. Positive comments will also earn you more credits


Credits gotten are based on the amount of retweets and likes your post gets.


There are some other online plagiarism checkers whose features can compete with that of plagramme;

  1. Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker: This tool was founded in 2013 and checks for plagiarism using advanced algorithms on websites.
  2. Plagiarism Detect: This online plagiarism checker helps students, bloggers, teachers and writers to check for plagiarized content.
  3. Plagiarism Checker, LLC: This software company located in New York helps teachers, students and professionals find duplicate content.
  4. Plagiarism Today: Founded in 2005 and located in New Orleans, this plagiarism checker is fast and accurate in screening for plagiarism in documents.

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