PlagTracker: Free Online Plagiarism Checker

PlagTracker – Free Online Plagiarism Checker

PlagTracker – Free Online Plagiarism Checker

The free online plagiarism checking tool; PlagTracker, was established in the year 2011 by Devellar, and it is currently being operated from Ukraine.

PlagTracker is a tool that is used by teachers, content creators, students, bloggers, researchers, professors, lawyers, etc, to detect cases of plagiarism, and according to my research and a touch of personal experience; PlagTracker has been noted to be a plagiarism detection tool that uses up more time than usual, unlike most plagiarism checkers out there. For instance, if you’re to scan an averagely lengthy piece, PlagTracker takes quite some time to develop its results, and it usually takes longer than ever whenever the pages of the work and the plagiarised content is quite much.

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How to use PlatTracker?

To access the plagiarised contents, the user always has to click on the highlighted portions of the text(s). The highlighted portions are always obvious, as they are always put out in a bright red colour. After clicking on the highlighted parts of the work, the user automatically gets access to a list of the websites that are involved in the theft of his or her content.

PlagTracker works with multiple languages, and also uses Proprietary algorithms to do its workings, it scans documents and compares it to the various content sources across a database of academic papers and the Internet, and if it detects anything, it highlights it in a bright red colour, which is hard to miss.

Speaking of “free” checks, visiting and just copying and pasting your work to have it checked and scanned for plagiarism for free is quite nice. I mean, you could easily do what you need to do without downloading the App. But the weighty truth is that free things always come with limitations, and sometimes, reasons for paranoia. I say this because PlagTracker has not once or twice reported that “just written” works were stolen, and that could get confusing, causing a content creator or writer to get somewhat paranoid.

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How much does PlagTracker Costs?

Now, looking at the user power of PlagTracker, the free version is quite slow to scan and generate results, whilst the premium user version which costs about $15 per month returns results fast enough (not as fast as a few others), it allows users upload and download content in place of copying and pasting them, and it grants its users the access to shield direct sources of materials, thereby yielding more accurate results. Also, you could get professional editing services, thorough grammar checks, content evaluation, etc, from the PlagTracker premium service.


With all checks that’s been done about the program, I can hereby conclude that even though PlagTracker is quite free, user friendly, and viral in most countries and cities; Philippines, United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and a few others, it hasn’t fully won the trust of content creators, teachers, students, bloggers, etc. Free as it may be, its performance isn’t as powerful as one would expect from the Devellar created online plagiarism checker, and that isn’t something to write home about.

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