QueText Review: Advanced Plagiarism Checker

QueText Review – Advanced Plagiarism Checker

QueText Review – Advanced Plagiarism Checker

In 2014, Marie-Louise Gumuchian, a CNN news editor was fired for repeated plagiarism offenses, also in March 2017, Monica Crowley was forced to turn down a senior job at the white house due to plagiarism offenses. In this article we will be doing QueText Review, which is a plagiarism checker tool and will discuss how important it is to use plagiarism checkers and what are the benefits, pros and cons of QueText.

Articles and ideas are judged based on their content and originality. Lifting words from a previously written article without referencing such articles and writers connotes plagiarism. Plagiarism means taking someone else’s ideas or work and presenting them as your own. It is considered as theft, stealing and misappropriation.

This issue brought about a need to check articles or ideas for originality.

QueText Review: What is QueText?

Quetext is an online plagiarism checker and citation assistant used by students, teachers and professionals around the globe. This plagiarism checker scans billions of websites, books and academic articles to evaluate a written paper and score it on the level of plagiarism, in an easy to read report.

Quetext also provides links to missed sources and helps to cite sources; hence reducing the amount of time spent editing and citing.

Quetext has a basic layout and functional interface, it requires no account registration or downloads.

The uniqueness of Quetext is in the final report generated after every check. In this report, the percentage plagiarism is displayed as well as the original text having some parts underlined. A list of resources on the underlined parts in the original material helps to track the source and compare with the original.

QueText – Free or Paid?

Quetext has both the free and paid version.

The free version can be used only 3 times monthly and with a 500-word limit.

In the free version, the text to be checked can only be inputted on the website by copying and pasting.

The Quetext paid version goes for $9 monthly and has the following features:

  • Deep search: This helps detect files with exact sentence match and also finds similar or rewritten sentences making it easy to discover if your paper has been used as a source for another.
  • File Upload: This allows for the upload of up to 5 documents at the same time.
  • PDF report: The generated report can be exported in pdf format.
  • Can check write ups having up to 25,000 words.
  • Limitless number of monthly checks.

QueText Review: Services Offered

Quetext, aims to empower writers with a sense of security in their work. Their services include:

  • Online plagiarism checking software
  • Citation assistance

How to Use QueText?

  1. Log on to www.Quetext.com 
  2. Copy the text from your write up and paste it in the text box.
  3. Click in the “ Start” button.
  4. Wait for the perusal of your document. This might take some time.
  5. The finished search shows the parts of your work highlighted in red.
  6. Move your cursor over the highlighted parts to see the link of the resources having similar sentences.

QueText Review: Pros and Cons of QueText


  • Quetext has a free version which can be utilised thrice monthly.
  • Ease of usage – Quetext has a basic layout which is easy to operate.
  • Registered users can conduct unlimited number of plagiarism checks.
  • Quetext gives a detailed report of the areas plagiarised in a write up and the sources for citation.
  • Multiple file Upload – users can check up to 5 write ups at once.


  • Unregistered users are limited to just 3 plagiarism checks monthly.
  • In the free version, a 500-word count is the maximum.

QueText’s Competitors:

A number of free plagiarism checkers exist online which are in competition with Quetext. Among them are:

  • Copyleaks – This plagiarism checker allows for tracking of online content used for both educational and business purposes. It also allows for the uploading of documents in a variety of formats. However, this platform requires registration and only the first 10 checks are for free.
  • PaperRater – This checker allows for both plagiarism checks and grammar checks in record time but lacks the ability to save the result of each report.
  • Plagiarisma – This easy to use plagiarism check is available in over 190 languages, in which papers to be checked can be copied and pasted, typed directly, using a URL or uploaded from a device using a number of formats available. However, the free version has limited plagiarism checks.
  • Plagiarism Checker – This easy to use platform provides a step by step approach on its usage, it also allows you check if your content has been plagiarised by another party. On the other hand, this platform is supported by google or yahoo browsers only.
  • Plagium– This free and basic platform allows for quick search and in depth search, however, it requires registration and has only a few free features.
  • PlagScan – This platform allows for plagiarism checks against journals and online content as well as the user’s documents. It allows for copying and pasting of texts, importing of documents using a URL or uploading from a cloud storage. Although it possesses a not so user friendly interface, it can be integrated in different businesses for content management.
  • PlagTracker – This fast and free plagiarism checker searches both online and academic databases; hence it is preferred for academic purposes. It gives the user detailed reports on what part of the report needs to be cited and a list of sources or references needed so as to ultimately avoid plagiarism. However, in the free version, there is no avenue for upload of document.

Other plagiarism checkers in competition with Quetext are : Duplichecker, Viper,  ArticleChecker, SmallSEOTools, Dustball, Copyscape etc.

In this QueText review we concluded that Quetext has a competitive advantage over its counterparts, it’s effective and accurate and even gives additional information on the areas being plagiarised in a write up. However, an increase in the number of plagiarism checks and the word count in the free version would be more welcoming.

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