Safeassign Checker - Best Plagiarism Checker for Students

Safeassign Checker – Plagiarism Checker for Students

Safeassign Checker – Plagiarism Checker for Students

Do you fear for the originality and as a professor trying to make sure that the students working on an assignment or project tried to avoid plagiarism against other documents? We all know how tough it can be trying to maintain absolute originality in your work especially after engaging in research on the internet or any other material that holds the knowledge we are looking for. If you are trying to achieve a level of originality in your work then safeassign checker is definitely the checker for you.

What is Safeassign Checker?

Safeassign checker is specifically designed to help you check for similarities between your work and other works, thereby, totally helping you to omit plagiarism and creating a much smoother sail in your assignment and projects. In most cases, the fact that students research for their assignments makes it quite easy to knowingly or unknowingly copy other works.

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Professors need to ascertain that the work provided by the student is really his intellectual property and is free from plagiarism in order to determine the right grade that the student deserves.

Safeassign does not only act as a safeguard against plagiarism but also serve as an educative tool in aiding students with the proper way of searching for knowledge they may require in their various research and also educate them about plagiarism itself and its effects.

Safeassign is owned by Blackboard which is a company that is focused on creating software in order to make the lives of students much easier in this century. The CEO of this company is William L Ballhaus and many top ranking academic institutions use Blackboard tools.

What kind of documents can be submitted and reviewed on safeassign?

To summit a document , your file has to be one that can be converted to plain text and examples of such files includes DOC , PDF, HTML ,TXT , PPT,HTM etc.

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How can you submit your works on Safeassign?

Due to the fact that Safeassign checker is now integrated with learning features, it allows for anonymous grading, ability to assign to groups as well as delegated grading. To upload an assignment, you first go to what is known as the course menu under which you will tap on assessments and select assignments. You then type your name and instructions, note that your instructions must be clear. You then attach your file even set a due date if you wish and click submission details. This can be done for both your group and individual assignments.

The amazing thing about Safeassign is that multiple submissions of same document from the same student are seen as one; therefore one document cannot be compared against the second document.  After this submission, Safeassign checker allows you to check for plagiarism and also even gives room to enable students to see the reports for their papers by safe assign and this can be done by selecting “allow students to see Safeassign.”

You should make sure that the students can access it and you can also set timeframes when the students will be able to access the assignment and finally click on submit . After that submission by students can be graded from the “needs grading page” You can grade assignments in bulk or individually. If grading is to be done for an individual, you type the student’s name.

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When you click on the originality report, you will be able to see how many words on the document matches other works and such words are highlighted in different colours to show different sources, and from there you can compare both works.

If you want to print the assignment, you will see the print option at the top of the page where you can easily print out the document for other uses. After you are done, you close the report, assign a grade and then provide feedback.

Normally, it takes about thirty minutes after submission to generate a report but in exceptional cases it might take a whole day to do that. And also some restrictions are placed on the characters one is allowed to use as the name of every file submitted. And such characters include numbers, underscores, letters and hyphens.

Safeassign checker derives its sources from the internet or other publications, which include some articles from the 90’s up till date which are updated weekly and also sometimes sources are from papers volunteered by other students to help prevent plagiarism from other institutions.

Safeassign Checker Alternatives

The biggest competitor for Safeassign is Turnitin, which is said to perform almost the same functions. Other available plagiarism checker tools are: Plagscan, Plagramme, Plagiarisma, Plagium, PlagTracker and QueText.

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