SmallSEOTools - Online Plagiarism Checker Review

SmallSEOTools – Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

SmallSEOTools – Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

SmallSEOtools refers to a free online service that helps you increase the chances of your website being visible on Google.

To fully appreciate Small SEO tools, you would have to know what SEO means. It refers to Search Engine Optimization. This is a big deal online because of the factors that determine whether or not the content you place online will be seen and accessed by the world (remember that hundreds and thousands of web pages are being created daily so you have to do something to make yours stand out).

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Sites that do SEO are the ones whose content are seen first when anything relating to such content is searched for on Google. The better aligned your content is with SEO, the higher its ranking on Google as well as visibility.

Now, what does SmallSEOtools do? It equips you with all the tools you need to give your content the high ranking it deserves on Google. Mind you, this means that it ensures that you content satisfies all the criteria used by Google in ranking web pages.

Small SEO Tools in View

Small SEO tools is an absolutely free website that offers a wide range (50) of the tools you need to achieve reach your target online as well as make sure your content is top-notch. After all, excellent content is key to having repeat visitors online.

Some of these tools are the URL rewriting tool, domain authority checker, Google index checker, email privacy, mozrank checker, domain hosting checker, backlink maker, meta tag analyzer, article spinner, password generator, plagiarism checker etc.

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The most widely used tools offered on Small SEO have to be the plagiarism checker and article rewriter/spinner. This is not to say that the other tools are redundant- using the full package gives your content more finesse- but these two are the most popular. This article will thus focus on the plagiarism checker because well, plagiarism is really big deal that many people do not understand because there is so much free content online, they think it is okay to just take it.

Small SEO tools Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is a crime. It means taking intellectual property without proper permission. Using this tool on Small SEO allows you ensure that your content is 100 % original and can save you a whole lot of fuss. Another reason you should use this, other than giving you a professional edge, is so that your article can climb the Google ranking. In the event that Google determines that the content is copied, that reduces its ranking.

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The way it works is pretty simple and the results are foolproof. All you have to do is feed the site with the content in the space provided then you run the check by clicking on the ‘check for plagiarism’ button. You can only feed a maximum of 3000 words each time. The checker runs a line by line test against the backdrop of thousands of content pages found on Google to see if there are any specific similarities between the submitted work and other ones online.

Perks of SmallSEOtools Plagiarism checker

A major advantage of this plagiarism checker is that is very easy to use as well as free and you don’t even have to download it. Of course, it is not the only one out there. Plagiarisma, Viper and a host of others exist but its simplicity makes it very popular.

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More so, the fact that you can check up to 3000 words at a time makes looking out for plagiarism in large documents less cumbersome.

It also checks your submitted content against a large number of others already posted online. This assures you of its reliability. The fact that it runs a line by line check allows the tool to underline duplicated sentences so you can rewrite them. This makes it a very strategic tool to use.

FYI: You don’t have to worry about SmallSEOtools saving your document. The site comes with a disclaimer that assures you that your work is totally safe and secure.

Therefore, for a complete set of SEO tools, Small SEO tools is the site to go to and its plagiarism checker is 100 percent reliable.

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