Squarespace vs WordPress - A Detailed Comparison

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which is the Best?

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which is the Best?

In our digitalized world, it is only a few businesses that are struggling to compete favorably without a website. The Website has finally taken over the world that if your investment or organization is not online, it may be difficult to make headway.  There are numerous website platforms that you can use in creating a functional web.  Two of the platforms we will be talking about are the Squarespace and WordPress and we will be doing a Squarespace vs WordPress comparison for you to understand the difference in better way.

Comparing Squarespace and WordPress may seem too difficult, but the differences between Squarespace and WordPress are clear even though both share similar features and serve the same purpose.

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Squarespace vs WordPress: Detailed Introduction

What is Squarespace? and its Features:

Squarespace is a platform that has fewer choices for the user. Beginners find it comfortable working around it. It has a drag and drop content editor which helps the user create awesome pages and posts.  This platform doesn’t need experience of a tech savvy person. You can add files, videos or images with ease, while the pages and templates can be customized the way you want. The Pros and cons of Squarespace can be analysed after reading up the features of WordPress.

1. User Friendly

The question of why use Squarespace is taken care of when you know that the platform is user friendly. The newest version of Squarespace unlike the previous one is user friendly. The interface is simple to use by the owner.  Due to this amazing feature in creating a website, you will experience little or no difficulty in using it. You don’t have be an expert in coding before you make use of this particular web publisher because it is completely code-free.

Now, you need to realize that Squarespace has an advantage over WordPress. Every tool you need for your website design is available on Squarespace.

Squarespace makes the task easier for people who have little or no knowledge about website development while at the other hand; you need to have a basic understanding of website creation before you can have use of WordPress.

The squarespace is also a managed hosting platform. This simple implies that the user doesn’t have to go through the stress of hosting the website while in WordPress; you will definitely need to purchase and as well manage a Web hosting account.

2. Flexibility

The Squarespace has proven to be one of the best platforms which could be best for creating a world-class website. This fact is been taken from its unique nature of giving the user multiple selections in terms of selecting widget and in-house apps. It also gives you the opportunity to make your own.  Tools such as:

3. ECommerce Support

The eCommerce is an awesome advantage that the Squarespace provides users with. The unique platform gives you the access to get confirmation email when both the tangible and digital good are sold from your website. The platform provides you with a store manager that runs the affairs though not taking full responsibility of some features like your taxes, data exports.

4. Blogging Platform

The blogging platform provides you with options like customizing your personal URLs, post display selections, an amazing offer of the built-in Google Author Rank and lots more. You could schedule your articles to the time you want it published geo tag and has multiple author support options.

5. Importing and exporting

Squarespace can be a best blogging platform; if we are to consider the access it gives its users to import your blog contents from places like the Posterous, blogger or Tumblr.

6. Contributors access levels

Squarespace leaves you with a dynamic access level that involves management of stores, moderating comments, editing contents, and billing and update reports.

7. Connected Website Services

You can get a well connected service which will give you the opportunity of importing blog from the WordPress to Squarespace and also a reflect posting which is your post been reflected to other places like the Facebook Tumblr or Twitter.

The Squarespace leaves you with an option where you could work with different individuals that is why all templates are been reviewed through the Git. These offers implies to Power users a Developer option which allows you generate codes for controlling right from the doctype tag to the footer.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is designed to be an open source platform offering users numerous features unlike Squarespace.  These features are always beneficial to the user while developing the platform.  The platform is designed in such a way that anyone can access it without difficulty.

WordPress has a simple user interface that is interactive, which means that a beginner may learn few things before using it.

Most people tend to compare the both platforms and end up being confused on which to choose. In this article, we will bring to you all the analysis you need to know about these web publishers including the pros and cons of wordpress.

The WordPress is a superb option for creating the website of your dreams. It comes with amazing features for developing a wonderful webstore, or a blog, or even a portfolio. It’s just so unique.

Note, the installation of updated features like the commenting system, SEO pack and a social media plugin needs a plugin. However, there are times these plugins may affect the smooth running of the website. This is one of the major disadvantages of this platform.

1. Design Options

There are thousands of design themes in WordPress official directory. Some of the themes are paid versions while the rest are free to use.  Squarespace only has 67 themes and it is only nine that you can find in the online stores.  WordPress makes it easier for users to experiment with many themes that are numerous in its directory.  You don’t have to install you designs in Squarespace, they are readily installed for you but, with WordPress it is different.  You can either buy from a trusted store or install the free theme.

2. Support Services

WordPress has a large number of users which has added positively to the platform. There are many websites and forums that offer support services to WP users.  There is hardly a problem on WordPress that you will not find its solution in the forums or websites. There are many queries you can read and see answers to on forums if you are using WordPress.

This may not be the squarespace limitations because it has a support team that is dedicated and ready to support its users. They offer users the help they need through user guides, emails and live chats. Squarespace also support its users through workshops that are organized at their offices in New York and Portland.  It is their low user’s numbers that have made them effective in handling any user.

WordPress has gone past this communication and support level because of the number of users on its platform.

3. Cost Policy

Everyone knows that using WordPress doesn’t cost money. However, the users have to send money on it to ensure that your website is fully optimized.  In order to build a WP website, there is need to get a hosting provider for your website.  This is where you will discover that you will have to pay for your domain and also for hosting your website. The hosting provider is who determine what you will pay.

The benefit of using WordPress is because its total cost is not expensive compared to the services it provides.

Is squarespace free?

Squarespace has a cost policy which is like that of the WP. However, the cost policy is not as broad as WP. It comes to features that are not many and you only have to create about 20 pages that can be supported by a blog and two contributors.

This is one of the reasons why people opt for WordPress to Squarespace. Though, Squarespace has a simple pricing. The cost of each will always depend on the plan that the user is making use of on their sites.

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Squarespaces Vs WordPress Comparison

1. It is Downloadable

WordPress software was created to be an open source. It is free for the users to download. Squarespace is not as flexible as WordPress. The hosting depends on the server you are using for your Squarespace website.

2. Building upon Software

Squarespace doesn’t have a GPL2.0 license that WordPress has. The license is what makes it possible for the user to adjust anything they desire on the site.  Squarespace doesn’t allow such experiment on its platform.

3. Play With the Codes

One of the main difference in this Squarespace vs WordPress comparison is that WordPress allows the users to play around with the codes on the platform. You can edit plugins and themes on the site because WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It is difficult to do such a thing with Squarespace.

4. Plugins

WordPress is a proud owner of more than 50, 000 plugins that it is using to make the platform extraordinary.  There is so much you can do with the WordPress because of its plugins.  Squarespace has a limitation to this.

5. Unlimited Networks and Sites.

There is no limit to what you do with WordPress when it comes to creating networks or sites. It is your hosting plan that will decide when you should stop. However, Squarespace leaves you with one website.

6. Features

WordPress can take off its features by telling everyone.  The updating of WordPress features is not something that the website will do without the knowledge of the users.  However, Squarespace can pull off a stunt and will not tell you

7. Transaction Fees

A WordPress website can be transformed into a eCommerce site with the support of plugins.  WordPress will not charge you anything when you are conducting a business online. However, Squarespace is going to charge you for some of the things that happen around it.

8. Server Resources

You don’t need to host your website on the WordPress server. You can take your website to another level because you are not hosting on the server of WordPress. You will have to but when using Squarespace. WordPress has a limitless things it can help users with unlike Squaresquare.

9. Stores Currencies

ECommerce plugins will ensure that you can add different currencies on your WordPress platform, but Squarespace has a limited place when using the world currencies.

10. Trust

Trust is something that companies and individuals have found in WordPress. There are thousands of websites that run on WordPress compared to Squarespace. The reason is why WP is trying its best to ensure that you got the perfect website that doesn’t have challenges while installing.

It all comes down to selecting the best platform for your website. Before you think of getting a platform,  you should be able to fully learn about that platform.  There are things you should be able to understand between the two platforms.  The two platforms are exceptionally great but, the requirement of both is what you need to see before making your purchase. You should have to get better understanding of how these platforms works, because by the look of things, a developer platform isn’t what you want to sign up for, you would want to enhance your website by moving to a wider option for the site.

WordPress can give you this offer. Just like we have made it known that the cost policy and the package you may using determine the cost of a hosting provider.


You should know that choosing any of these platforms is not a contest. You are the judge who decides the website you need. With the help of this Squarespace vs WordPress comparison, you can decide better which platform you need to use. The work of either is to ensure that you have a great moment working on your website without feeling what happens behind the black end of the website. The two platforms have their pros and cons. When you read through the features of the platforms, it will be easy to make your choice.  Most people are familiar with WordPress because it is what majority of people. This doesn’t mean that Squarespace is not used in large number, but the reason for following WordPress behind in popularity is because innovation has not been able to make a difference on the platform.

Squarespace vs WordPress, which of them is your preferred platform?

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