.US vs .COM - Which Domain Extension Is Best For You?

.US vs .COM – Choose Best Domain Extension

.US vs .COM – Choose Best Domain Extension

A lot of companies and individuals have issues with choosing between .us or .com domain extension when they want to launch a website for their brand. And more often than not this derails the creative process because each has its strength and weakness.

Thus in a bid to make the decision-making process easier for you, we have outlined the distinct factors that stand each one out and we will get right to it right away. Here is the .us vs .com comparison in detail:

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.US vs .COM – Comparison


The .US extension is a country bound top-level domain used a means to establish an outfit located in the USA on the internet. This extension can be used by a permanent resident or citizen of the America; an incorporated organization within one of the 50 states. The district of Colombia or a territory controlled by the United States of America; or entity with a valid presence in the United States of America.

The .com extension is one of the oldest top-level domains which was meant to represent a commercial outfit but now has its’ usage applicable across the board. This extension is one of the most commonly used and the most preferred domain extension.

Geographical Location:

Where is your outfit located? The geographical location of your business goes a long way in helping you determine what extension to use for your website. Also, where is the geographical location of your targeted clientele? If your business is based in the United States of America, if you use a United States of America IP address or if your clientele is based in the United States of America, then you can use the .US extension.

Albeit, if your website will be catering to the needs of people in various countries and if your website is neither situated in the United States of America nor with a US IP address, then you will be better advised to opt for the .com extension.

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Search Engine Optimization

In this .us vs .com comparison, search engine optimization factor is very important. Based on popular preference and frequency of usage, the presence of the .com extension in a web address fosters trustworthiness in the mind of visitors. As such, many people are more inclined to finish web addresses with the .com extension when inputting this into the URL box of their web browsers. Also, many smartphones come equipped with the .com buttons. Based on these, most pop-up websites have the .com extensions. If you are concerned about the (quick) visibility of your website then, the .com extension would be better suited for you.

But if you are not so concerned about SEO then you can use the .US extensions.


If you are going to be advertising your site in person or mouth-to-mouth to potential visitors, keep in mind that most people are likely to assume all websites end with the .com extension. As such, you are advised to use the .com extension for your website. This comes especially handy if there are websites with similar domain names as yours, as your use of the .com extension trumps others and prevents you from losing visitors.

However, if your web address will be penned down, you can use the .US extension as you can be near assured that many people will consult your card before inputting your outfit’s URL into their browser. You can also use the .US extension when you have a domain name that requires one to crosscheck its spelling from a business card.

Purpose of The Website

If your website is for commercial purposes, you could use the .com extension irrespective of your location. But, if your website is for personal/ commercial use and you reside in the United States of America, you could use the .US extension.

We are sure that this .us vs .com comparison will make the process a lot easier for you to make the right decision when the time comes.

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