What is vbs:malware-gen and How to Remove it?

What is vbs:malware-gen and How to Remove it?

What is vbs:malware-gen and How to Remove it?

A malware is known as a malicious software that has been developed to harm computers. It can harm your computer in several ways. It can reduce its performance, can corrupt your data or can give someone access to your data. On daily basis new malware are created in a huge number, one of the main reasons is that they are used in cyber crimes. Mostly used to steal money or data. There are different types of Malware including VBS: Malware-gen, worms, keyloggers, spyware etc.

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What is VBS: Malware-gen?

As explained above VBS: Malware-gen is a type of malware that is developed to steal your information. This information includes information about accounts, credit cards and other related information. It usually is spread via corrupted files spammy websites or emails can also be a source for such malware.

How do I get rid of VBS: Malware-gen?

The big question is how can someone get rid of it once it is on your PC. As it can quickly do the damage without letting you know about it. There are two methods to get rid of Malware-gen. One is by using task manager and other is by using any software. Both methods for windows as well as MAC OS have been explained below.

Manually Removing Malware-gen (Windows)

At times when malware attacks it might decrease the performance of your system. In that case, it becomes a tough job to install a software. So, in such cases, you can use the method explained below to get rid of Malware-gen.

  • Search for Task Manager in Windows
  • Click on More Details -> Processes
  • Scroll through the list of Processes running on your PC find out unfamiliar ones or those which have recently appeared
  • Malware would be using a lot of memory it would be highlighted in your list of processes
  • Right click on such process and End Task
  • Now open “Start menu” type regedit and open it
  • There you will find a folder named VBS: Malware-gen right click on it and Delete it
  • Close all programs and restart your PC

Tools for Removing Malware-gen (Windows)

There are several tools that can be used for removing Malware-gen. Below are some of them.

  • Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is software that has been developed to keep you secure from online attacks. It is a small software but is quite effective. You can download it from here. Once downloaded go through the normal installation procedure. Run a PC scan to find out all malware on your PC.

  • Spy Hunter

Like Malwarebytes, it also helps to eliminate malware from PC. After installation just scans your PC with SPY Hunter and it will do the job.

  • Antivirus Program

You can use any well-known antivirus program to get rid of VBS: Malware-gen as well. We recommended using AVAST though you can use any other antivirus program as well. Scroll down to learn about how you can remove malware-gen using Avast.

Removing Malware-gen (MAC OS)

Does not matters if you are a windows user or a Mac user Malware-gen can attack both. For Mac users to get rid of malware-gen follow steps given below.

  • For Mac users, Mackeeper is a great tool that not only removes Malware from your System also keep you protected from more attacks.
  • You can download Mackeeper from here
  • After downloaded install Mackeeper to your system
  • Run Mackeeper and use find and fix feature in the panel to detect and remove malware-gen.

How to Remove VBS: Malware-gen using Avast

Avast is a well-known antivirus program that comes with a shield from several types of attacks. If you want to remove malware-gen from your PC download Avast free antivirus from here. After downloading Avast run setup it will take few minutes to install. Once installed start Avast quick scan.

Within few minutes it will detect all viruses including malware from your PC. Take a suitable action to remove or handle malware.

That’s all, try methods explained above and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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