VPN Gate Review – VPNGate.Net: Free VPN Provider

VPN Gate Review – VPNGate.Net: Free VPN Provider

VPN Gate Review – VPNGate.Net: Free VPN Provider

VPNgate.net is a free VPN service which was made in March 2013 as a non-commercial project meant for academic purposes. A University in Japan, University of Tsukuba, in their bid to create a study of an adequately distributed VPN system.  VPNgate.net has VPN relay servers all over the world, and volunteers currently run these servers. This VPN Gate review will cover features and other aspects of VPN Gate vpn provider services.

VPNgate.net is mostly focused on East Asia, and it could get unreliable from time to time because it is being operated by volunteers who could face setbacks at any point in time.

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VPN Gate Review

It is a free service, and it requires no registration. You could use it on your Macs, Androids, Windows, and even iOS devices. The L2TP/IPsec, SoftEther VPN, OpenVPN, and Microsoft SSTP protocols are still used, so, the VPNgate.net has the potential to get around blocks that are used by schools, and it could also break through firewalls.

On the VPNgate.net website, a real-time list of available servers and how to run a connection is provided. And as a user, you could hide your valid Internet Protocol(IP) address, while you access foreign content with services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

Features of the VPN Gate

Now, although the OpenVPN and SoftEther VPN are the best-supported protocols for the VPNgate.net, its SoftEther server software relay servers can accept connections using the SoftEther VPN protocol, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and more.

When connected to any of its Public Relay Servers, you get to see details like your VPN session ID, Start time, End time, Duration, VPN Source Country, VPN Destination Country, VPN Protocol, and Traffic.

VPN Gate Pricing

As I earlier said, VPNgate.net is a free VPN service, and they were sure to make that fact known on their website. It has always been free, and that is because it was initially created to serve as an academic experiment, and it is entirely run by volunteers from here and there.

Pros of VPN Gate

  1. It is free to use.
  2. It could break through firewalls with ease.
  3. It works on Windows, iOS, OSX, Macs, and Android.
  4. There is never any DNS or WebRTC leaks.
  5. You could surf the Internet safely whenever you’re surfing with WiFi hotspots.
  6. It supports a wide choice of servers.
  7. It works with an open source.
  8. It works from numerous server locations.

Cons of VPN Gate

  1. It is run by volunteers, so there could be a breach of trust.
  2. The service is expensive when you try to switch between country servers.
  3. It is sometimes too slow.
  4. Usage logs are kept and can be seen.
  5. There is no automation from startup.
  6. Static Internet Protocols(IPs) and Dynamic Internet Protocols(IPs) are not available on the service.
  7. You have to buy multiple plans to switch between country servers.
  8. It does not support the Internet Protocol version 6(IPv6).
  9. It has poor FAQs.
  10. You can’t switch to a faster server when it becomes slow.
  11. Your Internet Protocol(IP) address becomes insecure anytime the internet connection fails.
  12. It is not good for Torrent downloading.

Conclusion of VPN Gate Review

The VPNgate.net has its ups and downs, and they are all worthy of proper looking into. Most people love it because it is a free and open service, and that is okay. But according to my research, it wasn’t created to be a permanent VPN server so that it may be taken down at any point in the future. Its speed is arguably manageable, torrent downloading is not an option, and even though they keep Connection logs for up to three (3) months, they don’t keep User logs. They deal with censorship and firewalls with Mirror sites, but your privacy is hardly ever protected.

So, after reading this vpn gate review you can think that the VPNgate.net could be a Rose in your garden, or it could just be Weed in your garden. It all depends on your usage, and why you’ve chosen it.

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