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How to Resize Image Without Losing Quality

Want to Know How to Resize Images Without Losing Quality? We’ll Teach You! Whether you’ve made the attempt to make an image larger or smaller, going through the process will typically result in a loss of quality. Don’t worry though, because there are many different ways to resize images without losing quality. In this article, we’re going to go over just how to do that. […]

What is vbs:malware-gen and How to Remove it?

A malware is known as a malicious software that has been developed to harm computers. It can harm your computer in several ways. It can reduce its performance, can corrupt your data or can give someone access to your data. On daily basis new malware are created in a huge number, one of the main reasons is that they are used in cyber crimes. Mostly […]

Malwarebytes vs. Avast – Which One is Better?

For each day that we use our PC (Personal Computer), we store and transfer tens, hundreds and even thousands of sensitive information and data. This data is constantly under threat with several hackers seeking to get access to them for malicious reasons. Antivirus software and malware protectors help to constantly fight off these attacks and with success. This has compelled users all over the world […]

Skype vs Discord – Which One is Better?

The digital landscape has made it possible for us to connect with people who are thousands of miles away in a matter of just seconds. The world has become border less today because of telecommunication applications that enable us to make voice and video calls online. In this article, we will look at a comparison of two highly popular telecommunication applications, Skype vs Discord. Let’s […]

VirtualBox vs VMware – Comparison

There’s an inevitable VirtualBox vs VMware comparison for any business looking to succeed in this day and time because, thanks to technological advancement, virtualization is the way to go. With many businesses today, having to collaborate over a workforce dispersed in several locations, desktop virtualization using the best virtualization software is one way that these businesses are able to provide a hassle-free, secure and cost-effective […]

How to tell when a website was last updated?

If you are here, you must be searching for “how to tell when a website was last updated?” Sometimes you might want to know the last updated date of a website for any reason. Most probably you want to know whether the content published on this website is still valid or not. If the website owner did not mentioned the last modified date or published […]

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