Mumble vs TeamSpeak - Best VoIPSoftware for Gamers?

Mumble vs TeamSpeak – Best VoIP for Gamers?

Mumble vs TeamSpeak – Best VoIP for Gamers?

Finding the best VOIP service is quite difficult these days. As the internet is being saturated by many of them. While for gamer perfection and quality matters a lot. Yet for many, it becomes difficult to distinguish between different chat software. So, in this article, we will do a Mumble vs TeamSpeak review, two of the well-known VOIP service providers that are developed to cater the chatting needs of  gamers. This one would be a detailed review so better grab a cup of tea or coffee before getting started.

Mumble vs TeamSpeak Comparison:


If you are looking for a VOIP with best sound quality, then Mumble has been designed to cater your needs. Its voice quality differs from other software as it uses some of the codex that improves voice quality. Another cool feature it has got is the echo effect cancellation which lets you conversate without worrying about echo effects. It is highly stable and works well even with a low bandwidth of 20kb/s.

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Mumble Pros

  • Open source and is totally free
  • Available for several platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Allows encryption and authentication making a secure environment
  • User authentication is done by codes instead of passwords
  • Provides optimum results with low bandwidth use (needs up to 20 kbps)

Mumble Cons

  • Not a user-friendly or attractive interface
  • Naïve user might find it difficult to use
  • Limited features
  • Needs experienced person to make connections


Looking for a software that lets you connect to multiple servers at a time? TeamSpeak would be a great choice. It allows you to open multiple tabs like any modern browser and in each tab, one can connect to a different server. You can bookmark your favorite servers. Auto Sync is a great feature that distinguishes TeamSpeak from others. With Auto Sync you will have access to all your important data doesn’t matter you are using your personal pc or not.

It has been designed keeping in view the firewall restrictions our PC’s have. So, file sharing is quite easy as it follows Firewall requirements while sharing.

TeamSpeak Pros:

  • It is available for almost all popular platforms
  • One can choose between different hosts for hosting
  • Allows to connect to multiple servers at a time
  • Provides Apps for Android as well as iOS
  • Allows encrypted voice data transfer making a secure environment.

TeamSpeak Cons:

  • Does not have a great audio quality
  • Sometimes lags while conversation
  • Servers are not free, server’s price depends on location
  • Not an open source software so code could not be inspected

Mumble vs TeamSpeak Feature Comparison


Mumble and TeamSpeak are both free to be downloaded and used. Though there is a catch none of them provides a free server. On Mumble you have chances to find a free server or you can host it yourself. Though for TeamSpeak users one can choose only from authorized hosts. So, most likely you will have to pay for servers for both.

Verdict: Both have paid servers.

Voice Quality

For a VOIP software, voice quality matters a lot. Between Mumble and TeamSpeak, Mumble has the better sound quality and it is far better than TeamSpeak.

Verdict: Mumble has a better sound quality.


None of them has an upper hand in security as both mumble and TeamSpeak are secure platforms yet more security features are needed for both.

Verdict: Both are secure.


While Mumble users might have to face disconnection issues TeamSpeak user might have to face lag issues. So, both are weak in this section, yet connection of TeamSpeak is better than many others.

Verdict: TeamSpeak provides better sessions

User Friendly

Both TeamSpeak and Mumble have an average interface. None of them has an attractive interface using both a naïve user might face some difficulties.

Verdict: Both have an average interface.

Cloud Sync:

Data in this era is more important than systems. Cloud Sync gives you a remote availability of data as well as a backup option. Mumble does not allow you to Sync your data while TeamSpeak does. So, TeamSpeak users can access it anywhere.

Verdict: TeamSpeak allows Cloud Sync.


Both TeamSpeak and Mumble come with a basic set of Features and both are missing many of the much-needed features. For a detailed analysis of Mumble vs Teamspeak, we have mentioned there features in the table below.

Features Mumble TeamSpeak
Audio High Quality Low
Secure Yes Yes
Screen Sharing No No
Hosting List of authorized hosts Hosted by Teamspeak
Video Conferencing
VOIP Yes Yes
DDOS Protection No No
Browser No Yes
Cloud Synchronization No Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes


Mumble vs TeamSpeak in a nutshell

Based on the comparison done above it’s quite tough to judge which one is better. Both have their own pros and cons. Both come with limited features. Tough if you need high-quality sound than you can go for Mumble. On the other hand, you need to connect to several servers at a time and need to do multitasking stuff then TeamSpeak would be a better choice.

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