Keyword Shitter: Online SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Shitter – Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Shitter – Keyword Suggestion Tool

What’s the point of creating an awesome product or service if no one is going to see it? Hence you are in the need for medium and long tailed keywords people would search for. This is where Keyword Shitter comes in! All you have to do is type in the keyword seed you are looking for and the keywords start pouring in droves for you to pick out the one(s) most suitable to you.

Keyword Shitter: The Introduction

There are two versions of this amazing software. The first, was created in 2011 simply because a developer only known as ‘Blakamia’ realized there was a need for a software that would drag all keywords related to a certain seed from all parts of the internet-verse.

The second version, known as the PRO version, also free, is simply an update by a developer known as ‘Wassname’.

How to Use Keyword Shitter?

For the original version, all you have to do is input your keyword and ‘Start Shitting’. You could also include negative and positive filters. The negative filter removes certain words from all keywords generated. The positive filter ensures the word(s) is added to any keyword generated.

Here is an example:

If you are looking for keywords related to ‘eggs’, you input that in the keyword box. If you don’t want to see anything about a ‘chicken’, you input that into the negative filter box. If you want to see ‘hair’ show up in the keywords, you input that in the positive filter box.

You are now ready to ‘Start Shitting’. Once you think enough keywords have been generated (because it can go on for days if you leave that tab open), you can click ‘Stop job’, and start sorting through for the best keywords.

For the PRO version, it is pretty much the same thing. Except there is no negative or positive filter. Instead you have filters according to prefix, suffix, platform (Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc), country and language. This way, you are able to tailor your search to your true needs. Those filters are under the ‘Advanced’ button, so if you have no need to include the filters, you could just ‘Start Shitting’ and stop when you think you have enough.

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Pros and Cons of Keyword Shitter


It is free. And who doesn’t like a free valuable resource? Especially one that gives you such great choices of keywords pulled from all parts of the internet-verse. In those moments when you’re trying to figure out what sort of articles should be on your site to optimize for the search engines, this would give tons of ideas to facilitate the process as it actually never stops pouring in those suggestions.

It also does not hurt that you can export it as a .CSV so its easily accessible and flexible, in case you need to search for specific things in the keywords generated.


Given that it is a free tool; it would be hard to expect it to give more than just information. So, all you get is barrage of keywords to make your choice from. You don’t get information that tells you if this is the most searched for keyword or if it is competitive or any such thing. That’s a huge disadvantage if you are looking for keywords to help you move up the rank in a certain niche.

Keyword Shitter: Alternatives / Competitors

If you are looking for software that will not only give you keywords, but also relevant information about them, you should consider using software like Keyword Finder and Google Keyword Planner. (Note: they are not free)

But, if you want more of the same (of which keyword shitter is the coolest, if only for its name), then you have options like long word suggest and uber suggestions.

There you have it. If you are looking for a software that would give you tons of ideas for what types of articles to write and help build your ranking on the internet, then this is a great free resource for you.

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