Comodo vs Avast - Helping You Decide Best AntiVirus

Comodo vs Avast – Helping You Decide Best AntiVirus

Comodo vs Avast – Helping You Decide Best AntiVirus

Comparing antiviruses or malware protectors across a plethora of features is a great way to help us and you decide what security software is best for our business or personal needs. This comparison is between Comodo Internet Security Essentials and Avast. We have had a series of comparisons before the comodo vs. Avast comparison, so please be sure to check out our other articles for a comparison between other security software.

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As is customary with our malware protector comparisons, we would compare these two giants in the antivirus sphere across features such as pricing, security, special features and more.

Let’s get right into the Comodo vs Avast comparison.

We start with an overview of both platforms

Comodo vs Avast – Comparison


Like Malwarebytes (Another effective malware protector)Comodo is an amazing program that efficiently removes tough malware infestations from a user’s device. However, the Comodo software offers one unique advantage which differentiates it from every other security software developer out there and allows it get the required job done in a situation where other programs would fail.

Comodo does not require an installation to run.

Simply download the software and run it – this gives its users an additional advantage if they have a machine with a malware infestation that prevents installation of antivirus software.

Comodo’s strongest point is in dealing with the infamous rootkit infestation. A rootkit malware is an extremely malicious malware that hides effectively within Windows so that antivirus software cannot detect and remove it. When a user turns on their PC, this rootkit starts running and hides itself from virus removal programs; however, Comodo can outsmart the rookit by running on startup before the rootkits load and this means Comodo can easily detect and remove them where programs like Avast might fail.

While Comodo can be said to be a powerful program, it is best to use it with another program like Avast! or Malwarebytes as Comodo is not able to provide real-time protection or several other features that a primary anti-malware program should have.

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Avast is fast becoming one of, if not the most popular antivirus and anti-malware programs available in the internet sphere. Avast! has a free and paid edition but both users of the free edition and paid edition can brag of similar features.

Before now, the paid version of avast! used to have the powerful boot-time scan, but following a recent modification, even free users get the boot-time scan. This feature scans as the PC boots up and before the OS loads. This would allow the software to find and eradicate any entrenched threats that might hide after boot-time.

On the other hand, the paid version of avast! comes with the unique AutoSandbox feature which is a tool that would run suspected malware programs in an isolated environment.

What this means is that avast! would separate potential threats and evaluate their nature without necessarily causing any harm to your PC. While avast!’s weakness is in malware detections and removal, its true strength lies in a plethora of powerful tools and its insane detection capability. Users can upgrade to the paid version which starts at $49.99 per year with discounts when user’s purchase for multiple years.

Here’s a surprise; the free edition of Avast offers a complete password manager. This password manager takes care of the basic tasks that a regular password manager should. It also syncs across all your other devices – mobile devices inclusive.


Comodo pro and Avast pro both come at a yearly fee of $39.99 and $49.99 respectively with a 30-day money back guarantee. While avast can be used on just one device, the Comodo software can be used across 3 different devices. Both software offers free trials but only Avast has a free limited version.

Comparing free versions of both software, Avast certainly blows Comodo out of the waters as the free version has just about everything that the paid version of Avast also has.

Not to mention that Avast can be used on a plethora of operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OSx, iOS, Android and more. Comodo, on the other hand, can only work with Windows – as of the time of this writing!

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When comparing any two antivirus software or malware protector, the most important feature to look out for is the security that a user would get using either option.

Both Comodo and Avast pro versions offer real-time protection, online updates, safe browsing, Anti-phishing, Anti-malware, Anti-spyware, and efficiency in gaming mode.

However, Comodo offers users Email protection, Anti-spam, Wi-Fi security and the additional security feature of a Firewall. Avast, on the other hand, does not have these security features but what it lacks in these features it compensates with Anti-theft, Password manager, Identity protection, and ransomware protection.

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When it comes to ease of use, Comodo blows Avast out of the waters as you do not need to install the software to start using it. Just download and run!

Installing Avast is also an easy process except that Avast tries to install Google’s Toolbar into your web browser, as well as change your default browser’s home page to the Google homepage. Avast also makes it easy for users to see messages that tell them about their device protection.

Now that we have seen what features these antivirus software options offers, let’s look at a tabular comparison of each option.

Price per Year $49.99 $39.99
License Duration 1 Year 1 Year
Protected Devices 1 3
Money-Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Free Trail
Free Limited Versions
PERFORMANCE: Comodo vs Avast
Protection Score 100% 83%
Performance Score 75% 83%
False Positives Score 100% 92%
Real-Time Protection Yes Yes
Online Updates Yes Yes
Ransomware Protection Yes No
Safe Browsing Yes Yes
Email Protection No Yes
Anti-Phishing Yes Yes
Anti-Malware Yes Yes
Anti-Spyware Yes Yes
Anti-Spam No Yes
Anti-Adware No No
Chat/IM Protection No No
USB Autoscan No No
Wi-Fi Security Check No Yes
Gaming Mode Yes Yes
Battery Saving Mode No No
Firewall No Yes
Parental Control No No
Identity Protection Yes No
Anti-Theft Yes No
Ad Blocker No No
Password Manager Yes No
Windows Yes Yes
Android Yes No
iOS Yes No
Mac OSx Yes No
Linux Yes No


Comodo and Avast have a few qualities in common. They are both good for different reasons as portrayed above. Avast is a better option for users on a budget as it is FREE and really blows Comodo out of the water.

As an antivirus software with no extra benefits, Avast is much better than Comodo. Now that you know what both Avast and Comodo offer, you can choose what’s best for you.

Do you currently use any of the two? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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