Plagium – Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagium is an online multilingual plagiarism detection system that enables a user check whether content from a web page has been copied or used anywhere else online. Unlike most plagiarism checkers plagium uses Yahoo! instead of Google to analyze its searches. It supports texts in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages. It was formed in 2006 and has been running since. The copy […]

Copyleaks – Online Plagiarism Checker

The viral and free plagiarism checking tool/app; Copyleaks, is a 21st century plagiarism checker that gives you the power to personally track and monitor online content on the internet, using superb innovative algorithms. Copyleaks was founded in the year 2012, and it is located at: Nahmani street, Tel Aviv, Israel. All sorts of students, teachers, bloggers, and other kinds of content-creators can be sure that […]

Plagiarisma – Free Plagiarism Checker Online

There are a vast amount of online text tools that can be used for improvement of web content. Most of these software can perform a number of tasks including grammar correction, content duplication, use of keywords among other functions. The most commonly or widely used of the above mentioned software are the plagiarism checkers. They are the most used due to the crucial role they […]

Ghostery vs Adblock – Which One is Best?

It is certainly discomforting to know that someone somewhere is monitoring your activities on a PC or mobile device that they didn’t contribute a cent to your purchasing it.  At the end of this Ghostery vs Adblock comparison, our readers would be able to take back control of their browsing records by using the best adblocker. Surfing the internet opens you up to a plethora […]

Google Keep vs Evernote – Which is Best?

Since the advent of digital note taking apps, scribbling notes or ideas on paper has become less common. The popular apps like Google Keep and Evernote make the task of writing points, checklists and other notes simpler and intuitive over the years. The comparison of Google Keep vs Evernote will reveal you the interesting and useful features and enable you to choose the right one […]

BigCommerce vs Shopify – Which One is Best?

Over the last few decades, the world has seen major shifts in nearly all fields, and all aspects of life. These advancements that occurred in the last few decades are much greater, and much more fast-paced than the progress of centuries before them. One such advancement is E-commerce. E-commerce is an online transaction involving sale or purchase, and the phenomenon started less than 50 years […]

Avira vs Avast – Which is the Best Antivurs?

The importance of protecting your data and information while surfing the internet in this day and time cannot be overemphasized. Along with the many benefits of the internet, there are bad sides to its use as well. The internet and by extension, its users are vulnerable and often fall victim to hackers who constantly develop software that can attack, infect, corrupt or steal user data […]

DupliChecker – Free Plagiarism Checker Online

Duplichecker, an online and free plagiarism checker used to ascertain the originality of a written text and hence maintain credibility by checking the content of the report or written work against existing content. Duplichecker, also helps pick up references that are in the particular text or report to be checked for proper citation and references which helps to avoid the embarrassing consequences of plagiarism. Using […]

Avast Slowing Down Computer [SOLVED]

If you are facing issue of Avast slowing down computer, then you are not alone. Many PC users at times have problems when they have got an anti-virus program like Avast installed in the system. When your computer begins to crawl, it is frustrating indeed. The only solution people think is to uninstall the software program to restore the performance of the PC which is […]

.Co vs .Com – Difference Between .Co and .Com?

For anyone looking to acquire some internet real estate, buying a domain is usual top of the list. However, when the decision to buy a domain name has been made, the next big question becomes “What domain extension should I buy?” Also Read: .Org vs .Net Comparison Not only should a website embody a company, business or brand’s goals, and ideology but it should also […]

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