Plagscan Review - Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagscan Review – Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagscan Review – Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagscan is an online plagiarism checker with an amazing outlook and easy to use interface. With different packages for different classes of people it helps these solve whatever issues they might have been facing when it comes to originality of works and/or plagiarism of same. The different classes of people who can use the services provided by PlagScan are:

  1. Schools
  2. Individual teachers/ students
  3. Businesses

The services provided for these classes of people respectively are:

  1. PlagScan Pro
  2. PlagScan ONE
  3. PlagScan Pro

Each of these services come with their respective pricing lists.

The availability of different packages to cater for the needs of different classes of people easily communicates to one that the brains behind the software are consumer-oriented. It can be seen that they have an understanding of their numerous consumer types and their budgets. And they can also be termed efficient as they come across as looking to meet the needs of all their clients irrespective of what these needs might be.

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Benefits / Features of PlagScan:

Factors that make this software stand out from the pack of similar service provides are:

  1. The simplicity of process: with a minimal number of clicks and extent of maneuvering, anyone could check for the existence of plagiarism in a give document.
  2. PlagLevel: PlagLevel is a system designed by the service providers to help their clients know the extent of plagiarism involved in their work. This PlagLevel could be one of: <1%, 1-5% and >5%
  3. The report of a list of matches: once the occasion of plagiarism has been checked for with reference to an extensive database of works and the PlagLevel has been calculated, for works with plagiarism, documents that have been identified to contain works similar to the document being analyzed are compiled and made available to the client
  4. Document highlighting: after the analysis of a document for plagiarism, if the document is flagged as it is recognized to contain plagiarized content, the part of the work seen as copied will be highlighted. This helps the client know which part of the document to have a closer looks at and correct if necessary.
  5. Data Protection and Security: To prevent unwanted transfer of data and/or the availability of these data to third party, topnotch encryption technologies have been utilized. These technologies also ensure that deleted files are permanently gone and not available to unwanted persons. This precautionary measure help prevent cyber threat and provide maximum security.
  6. Easy to contact support team: There is a team of highly qualified personnel who are always ready to help clients out of whatever fix they might have been in the course of using this service. This team of individuals is always available to help clients and they can be reached round the clock simply by a click on the website.
  7. Time saving: with this software, the analysis of documents can occur in a faster pace as opposed to the use of manual search methods. All that is needed to do is for the client to select his document of choice, upload this and wait while the system checks for plagiarism. After this check, the client can then proceed to effect whatever corrections the software has highlighted.
  8. Possible workflow integration: this software can in the cases of business, be integrated into the Learning Management System (LMS) used in a client’s business outfit. All that is required in this case is for the necessary documents to be uploaded from the outfit’s servers and then saved in this software.
  9. Collaboration: with this software deliberate sharing of documents is allowed. In a school environment, students can submit their essays into their tutors PlagScan account as this allows for ease of access and is more time efficient. In a business environment, peer to peer distribution of document is allowed.
  10. Flexible Pricing: like rarely observed, the payment for the services obtained on this software is rather easy and itch free. Outlined below is the price listing for the different categories.

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Plagscan Pricing:

For PlagScan Pro: the Basic offer costs USD 199 per year, the Premium offer costs USD 299 per year and the Platinum offer costs USD 399 per year.

For PlagScan ONE: the pricing is put at 1Euro to 1000 words and as a page is expected to contain 250 words, the basic rate of 4.99 Euros to 20 pages applies

This aforementioned payment can easily be made either through credit card, PayPal, Amazon or through bank transfer.

With these amazing offers, it can be observed that of a truth, PlagScan is indeed software that even without trying is much more efficient than its counterparts. PlagScan is the way to go in the world of checking for plagiarism in documents.

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